Fourth quarter of 2020
Our Attitudes

Fourth quarter of 2020

From October 15 to December 28

October 15, 2020

Al Nasr Coalition: We reject the offensive statements to Al Najaf Al Ashraf

Al Nasr Coalition confirms its rejection and condemnation to the irresponsible and offensive statements against Al Najaf Al Ashraf from any person or entity, and considers them a distortion that undermines the history and the consistent principled positions of Iraq and the religious reference to Palestine and its legitimate rights, and the rejection of the usurping Israeli entity.

The Coalition points out that such statements offend the image of Iraq, the history of its people, and the positions of its symbols.




October 17, 2020

Al Nasr Coalition: We reject the assault on public and private headquarters and properties, and we call for national unity


Al Nasr Coalition affirms its rejection of attacks on public and private headquarters and properties in the capital, Baghdad, and elsewhere, and condemns the policy of burning flags and any escalation that weakens the national unity, and calls on the government to exercise its responsibilities in maintaining security and stability and extending state sovereignty.

The Coalition points out that the Popular Mobilization Forces and the Peshmerga fought side by side against terrorism with the rest of our armed forces, and it is not wise to drive two wedges of hostility between them or employ them for political or electoral agendas.

"Al Nasr" calls on all the political levels to be careful in making irresponsible statements, or taking actions that undermine peaceful coexistence and national unity, especially in this circumstance in which the country is facing crucial challenges.




October 18, 2020

Al Nasr Coalition: We demand a fair investigation of Al-Farhatia crime and to stop political employment

While "Al Nasr Coalition" condemns the horrific crime that took place in Al-Farhatia district in Salah El-Din governorate, it demands a fair investigation to uncover the perpetrators and bring them to justice, in order to fulfill the right, defend the people, and establish the state sovereignty.

Al Nasr Coalition affirms that besieging and eradicating ISIS terrorism, abominable sectarianism, the uncontrolled weapons, and the chaos of contexts will not take place without synergy between the rule of law, the people's awareness, and the unity of its national forces to face challenges and strife, away from attempts to mix cards and political electoral employment.

Al Nasr Coalition calls on the government to reconsider the city security plans and the forces that hold it, and to activate the intelligence effort and preemptive strikes, and to support it with flexible security plans and to engage local community activities with state institutions to achieve the country's social security.




October 28, 2020

Al Nasr Coalition: Barzani's statements are attempt to shuffle the cards

"Al Nasr Coalition" denies, entirety and in detail, the authenticity of the statements attributed to Mr. Masoud Barzani regarding the Iraqi federal delegation about talks on defining lines of contact between the Iraqi forces and the Peshmerga in 2017, and confirms the invalidity of allegations that non-Iraqis are present in the talks, Al Nasr considers them a distortion of the history facts and a distortion of the sovereignty of the government of Iraq, they are attempt to shuffle the cards. The documents confirm that the negotiating delegation of the federal government at that time consisted only of: “The First Corner Team and the Chief of Staff of the Army Othman Al-Ghanmi, the Corner Team and the Head of Military Intelligence Saad Al-Alaq, the Team Corner and the Deputy Commander of the Counter-Terrorism Service Manaf Al-Tamimi,” They are alive and have positions in the state. They can be inquired.

We affirm that the main reason for the hostility to Abadi and working to remove him was and is the result of his patriotic approach, his preservation of unity and sovereignty without favoritism to any party, and throughout his reign, and despite the complex battles and challenges, he fought to crush terrorism, saved unity and achieved economic, social, and security stability, he in the same the time strived to contain the crisis of the "referendum" with the spirit of peace, solidarity, and common interests and to prevent bloodshed. However, Abadi would not, under any circumstance, abandon his constitutional and national duties. He preserved wisely and firmly the blood of Iraqis, the unity of the state, and the coexistence of its citizens with justice, and firmly committed to the impositions of state sovereignty in its decisions and policies away from any tutelage, dictations or bias to any regional or international party.



November 29, 2020

Al Nasr Coalition: We Reject Any Clashes and Call On the Government to Exercise Its Responsibilities

"Al Nasr Coalition" expresses its rejection of any political and societal clashes that we do not need, and any spilling of innocent blood or sabotage that threatens societal and security stability as a whole, warning against dragging the street into political battles that endanger unity and civil peace.

Al Nasr affirms the right to peaceful demonstration, and the right of all political forces and segments to express their visions and projects without imposing a will, and calls on everybody to resort to a fair and just electoral process that produces credible results to build an equation for national governance capable of pulling the country out of its crises. Al Nasr demands the government to exercise its responsibilities to preserve life and property, and to maintain security and apply justice.




December 7, 2020

The National Honor Pact

Based on the generous call of His Eminence Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr, in line with the demands for reform and change expressed by the courageous October Uprising, in belief in the necessity of having commitments that guarantee the good of society and the state, and to guarantee the principle of complementarity between the forces, actors, political and societal segments, we call for the start of a systematic movement to adopt an "Honor Pact" as a national framework of principles binding on all Iraqi forces and actors:


First: The nature of the Pact: A national honor pact that includes political and value commitments that preserve the Iraqi identity, its values and ethics, and guarantee the integrity of public order, the goodness and integrity of government, and the performance and practices of political and societal forces and actors in the state.


Second: The essence of the Pact: A framework of principles that respects, preserves and guards the constants of society and the state under any circumstances, and establishes realistic and practical mechanisms to implement.


Third: The Pact nationality: Far from any ethnic or sectarian alignments at the level of societal identity, political life, political system, political fronts and electoral work. With full respect for the ethnic, religious and value diversity in our society.


Fourth: The pacifism of the Pact: Has to father and care for all, as it should not subject to violence under any circumstances.


Fifth: Commitments of the Pact: The active political and social forces must adhere to preserve the values of Iraq and the ethics of its society, and to preserve unity, order and public interests, including fighting corruption, deviation, chaos, and dependency on foreigners, weapons and unruly groups, and to punish transgressors on Iraqi blood, honor, sanctity and sovereignty.


Sixth: Objectives of the Pact:

1-Controlling the track and general performance of all forces and actors to achieve the good of society and the state.

2-Sorting and confronting the forces and actors working against the ethics of society, good governance and the integrity of the state.

3-Imposing the forces and actors to the foundations of good governance, the privacy of Iraqi identity, values and morals, and to be responsible for the commitment to the safety, righteousness and development of the political system to be able to achieve the aspirations of the people and secure their rights and interests away from any imposition or falsification of a foreign will, tutelage, dispossession or dependency.




December 8, 2020

Al Nasr Coalition: We support the demands of our citizens in Kurdistan and condemn the oppression

"Al Nasr Coalition" supports the legitimate demands of citizens in Kurdistan for a free and decent life, including securing salaries and the basics of the people's sustenance, condemning the repression practiced against the demonstrators and the media, and calling for a quick response to the demands of the demonstrators, launching freedom of the media, and preserving lives and public and private property.

"Al Nasr Coalition" believes that achieving the people's demands depends on an effective, impartial and vital national administration that is capable of responding to the requirements of governance. The salvation of Iraq as a state lies in the system of citizenship and good governance, and the liberation of the state from quotas, corruption, and subordination of will and decision. The rights and demands are the same for all citizens of Iraq, from Zakho to Fao, and their realization depends on the establishment of just, fair and efficient government.




December 9, 2020

Al Nasr Coalition: We are not aiming for interrogation despite our observations on the government performance

"Al Nasr Coalition" denies its intention as a political entity to interrogate the Prime Minister, Mr. Mustafa Al-Kadhemi, and believes that it is the right of MPs and various blocs to exercise their constitutional rights to diagnose the reasons for hosting or questioning any executive person when it comes to his performance according to the correct standards.

At the same time, Al Nasr confirms that it has many observations about the government's performance and its dealings with the state and citizen files.




December 10, 2020

Dr. Haider Al-Abadi’s speech on the third anniversary of the victory declaration

Glorified Iraqi people:

Today is the memory of December 10, 2017, the memory of the great victory over ISIS and the liberation of mankind and the land. On this occasion, I greet your victory that astonished the world, your will has triumphed over the forces of darkness and barbarism.

As I greet the determination of this people and the sacrifices of its heroic fighters, I affirm on this occasion that:

1-The liberation battles we waged against terrorism were existential battles of the state, we won the battle to restore the state and the unity of the people from the mouth of terrorism and dispossession, and we aborted the option of the fall of Iraq.

2-The liberation battles were not only gun battles, but in depth they were wars of effective management of the state with its economies, intelligence, the balances of its internal, regional and international policies, and we have demonstrated the ability of the Iraqi administration and will to win comprehensive and complex wars.

3-The victory over ISIS has dropped the option of terror and brutality from preying on the region and the world, and the region and the world must raise the hat for Iraq, its people and its fighters, and pay the debt to it.

4-The victory over terrorism was Iraqi, as it should not be granted to any foreigner. We supported the world, but we affirmed and affirm that the blood and victory were Iraqi with distinction, and that the world's support for us was to defend their countries and their interests from the hands of terrorism, and the aid was paid and not free.

5-With our victory over terrorism, we emerged out with a unified state, a cohesive people, a better economy, and a recovering sovereignty. We gained the world's confidence in us as a state and a political administration that is capable of winning major bets despite the enormous difficulties and obstacles.

Dear people: The accomplishments that were achieved yesterday with your will and sacrifices must not retreat. We have dropped the options of terrorism, sectarianism, fragmentation and chaos, and today we must apply the same procedure of administration, will and sovereignty in dealing with the state and its files to ensure the accumulation of achievements and the integrity of the state. We must not allow terrorism to be resettled again, just as we must stand together for reconstruction, the return of the displaced, the reconstruction of cities, the advancement of coexistence, and the achievement of justice.

We must unite and stand against the reproduction of sectarianism, the chaos of arms, the breakdown of groups and the dependence of the will on the foreigner.

Winning the state’s bet, its unity, sovereignty, and the well-being of its citizens depends on national unity, effective governance and the efficient administration of the state. I hope that the upcoming elections will witness the birth of an effective governance equation capable of saving the country from its crises. I stress here the necessity of a free and fair electoral process that expresses the will of the Iraqis and their aspiration for reform, change, and the realization of the people's aspirations.

Greetings to the unbreakable Iraq... Greetings to its unbreakable people.




  December 18, 2020

Al Nasr Coalition: Sheikh Al-Obeidi's statement is contrary to truth and fairness

"Al Nasr Coalition" considers Sheikh Salah al-Obeidi's statement and his assessment of:"Abadi's confronting the corrupt" a contrary statement to truth and fairness, and we advise Sheikh al-Obaidi to review his statements in previous interviews, in which he confirmed Abadi and his government’s pursuit of reform, saying: "Abadi is taking positive steps towards reform, and his government has shown a relatively better response than the parliament in conducting reform. The government of Abadi in more than one statement was expressing in some meaningful sense its desire to carry out these reforms and its complaint about the restrictions that the Parliament restrained with it in reforms," according to the Sheikh's previous statements, which expressed his positive opinion at the time of Abadi's reforms against corrupt.

We also call on him and others to conduct a scientific and objective review to assess the stage of Abadi's rule, which was the best and most effective method, plans and measures to combat waste and corruption, and he intended to complete the course of building the state after its liberation and unify its pillars in a way that dismantles the systems of corruption that are widespread as a culture and are protected by the quota system and political confrontation.

Fair people must adopt standards by judging performance and evaluating results, and not arbitrarily making judgments. These standards are: Approach, Accomplishment, Time, and Indicator. The question is: Was Abadi’s approach a corruption approach? And has he achieved any accomplishment to fight corruption? Do the indicators confirm this approach and the achievements? Also, was Abadi's rule a relaxing period so that he can take his time to address all the state files? Or he received the debris of a country and must first liberate and re-consolidate it, and then start the reform and the correction processes? Could the size of the ruin legacies, corruption and chaos inherited by Abadi be resolved by one stroke, one command, and one procedure? Or because they were broad, complex, intertwined, and extended they needed time, patience, and wisdom in order to uproot and eradicate them?

The man spent his years of rule fighting multiple complex wars to preserve the country, yet he accomplished what other governments did not in the anti-corruption field. That is what was stated in the International Transparency Organization indicators, which confirmed that the corruption index in Iraq decreased to 17% during Abadi’s rule, and that his government regarding approach and achievements managed to reduce waste and corruption effectively, in a difficult and standard time. If it continued to rule and manage the country, it would have moved in the right direction to reduce corruption.


Despite that, it is said: What are the procedures and achievements that Abadi adopted to face corruption?

As a country's heritage, we list some of what the Abadi government has done:

1-Stopping the export of illegal oil through Kurdistan region, which provided billions of dollars for the state treasury.

2-Recruiting international investigators to pursue the money and the property of people accused by corruption inside and outside Iraq.

3-For the first time in the history of Iraq, ministers and special grades were brought from outside Iraq to be tried.

4- Establishing the Supreme Council for Combating Corruption headed by Abadi himself.

5- Endorsing the Illegal Earning Project Act (Where did you get this from) 2016, which was not approved by the House of Representatives.

6- Legislating the Act of protecting witnesses, experts, informants, and victims.  No. (58 of 2017).

7-Exempting a number of senior employees who were referred to the judiciary.

8-Reducing spending, and refunding money.

9-Shutting the corruption outlets in customs through new procedures.

10-Reducing the salaries of current and former MPs, ministers, officials by half. 

11-Reducing the number of personal securities to 90%.

12-Repealing the Acts of high pensions for officials.

13-Canceling the exceptional allocations for the Presidencies and affiliated bodies.

14-Abolishing the posts of Vice President and Prime Minister.


Also, for a fair evaluation of Abadi's stage, we call for reviewing the official data of the Integrity Commission to give us reports for the years 2015 to 2018, to see the achievements made due to the actions of Abadi government and its cooperation according to anti-corruption. Here is the official data according to the annual reports of the Integrity Commission:



    The total number of complaints, reports, and criminal cases reached about 20,000, of which 69% were resolved.

And those referred to the Trial Court are about 4,000 accused, of whom (18) were ministers, and alike, (32) referral decisions have been issued against them.

And (185) of those were with special grades, general managers, and alike, (326) referral decisions were issued against them.

Travel bans reached more than (334), which included (20) ministers and alike, (314) were with special grades, general managers and alike.

The sum of the recovered public funds, which orders were issued to refund them and stop wasting them, reached about one trillion and 170 billion dinars.



    The total number of complaints reached more than 18,000, of which about 77% of them have been deducted.

The arrest warrants reached more than 3,000, of which 26% were executed.

The number of convictions that acquired the decisive grade reached (355) orders, (4) of them were issued against two ministers and (18) against (18) of those with special grades and general managers.

While the total recovered public funds were about 600 billion dinars.



    The total number of complaints reached more than 20,000, of which over 77% were completed.

The number of travel ban decisions reached more than (300). About (300) seizures were carried out.

The number of accused persons with flagrante delicto reached about (500).

And the number of criminal cases referred to the Misdemeanor and Criminal Court reached more than 2,400 cases, including nearly 4,000 referral decisions, including more than 3,000 accused, of whom (18) were ministers and alike, and (176) of special grades and general managers.

While the total public funds which are recovered and prevented from wasting reached more than one trillion and 300 billion dinars.


During the first six months of 2018

     The total number of complaints reached more than 1,300 reports with 96% completion rates, and the reports number were over 1,900 reports with 62.4% completion rates.

The number of criminal cases reached more than 4,500 cases with completion rates of less than 62%.

The number of judicial recruitment orders reached nearly 3,000 against more than 3,000 accused, including (10) ministers and alike, and (171) with special grades, with a completion rate of 76%.

The number of arrest warrants reached more than 1,000 orders with a completion rate of 57%. The number of judicial arrest warrants reached more than (700) orders, which (10) of them were issued against (7) accused with special grades.

The number of travel bans outside Iraq issued by the Judiciary reached about (100), including (3) for a minister and alike, and (10) for special grades.

The seizures of bribes, embezzlement, and forgery amounted to more than (200) seizures.

The number of criminal cases reached more than 1,000 cases.

The number of files for the extradition of the wanted fugitives was about (150), and the number of files for recovering smuggled money was (40) files.

The total of the recovered public funds amounted to more than (380) billion Iraqi dinars.




December 20, 2020

Al Nasr Coalition: Reducing the exchange rate of dinar and lowering the citizen's income exacerbates the economic crisis on the poor

"Al Nasr Coalition" announces its refusal to reduce the value of the Iraqi dinar and lower the citizen's income, which will not address the crisis at the foreseeable level, it is a war on the poor and those with limited income, it will open the door wide to inflation, and it may not be possible to preserve the stability of the currency.

Al Nasr blames the government and the supportive political forces for what will result from societal economic collapses that will affect the social and living structure of the citizens.

These measures and the continuation of irresponsible spending in a corrupt, flabby and chaotic bureaucratic environment, and amid modest infrastructure and services that are the mainstay of economic, industrial and agricultural activities will lead to unfortunate results. We fear the inability to control the exchange rate of dinar amid these circumstances. As it is known, the exchange rate policy is a policy that works alongside a successful monetary policy, and the existence of an effective field for financial markets, and this is not currently available, which forces the central bank to use foreign currency to control liquidity and money supply levels instead of relying on effective government policy in controlling spending and stimulating the economy.

 The government could have adopted better and less expensive procedures to overcome the financial crisis, including: stimulating the economy, encouraging investment, and creating job opportunities, instead of what is happening now, and presenting a budget in which to pressure unnecessary spending, such as the one presented by Dr. Al-Abadi's government for the years 2015-2018, which was based on setting priorities and compressing expenditures and prevent waste.

Abadi's government was able at that time, despite the war conditions and the collapse of oil prices for more than three consecutive years, to overcome the crisis with the least losses, and proved the policy of structuring priorities, squeezing spending, preventing unnecessary spending, controlling the outlet for currency sales, controlling speculation, maximizing the country's internal imports, and reducing the salaries and the privileges of officials. It has proven its success in overcoming the crisis, and it has preserved the exchange rate of the dinar, secured salaries, protected the poor and limited income classes, maintained basic and necessary spending and fulfilled its tasks in liberation, it undertook stabilization and construction work. It delivered the government that followed it nearly $ 14 billion in surplus and raised the credit rating of Iraq globally, despite the stifling financial crisis that continued for more than three consecutive years, and the barrel price rates were lower than the current price.

Al Nasr Coalition calls for reinstating the procedures of Abadi's government to avoid the current financial crisis, as it is a successful, feasible and employable experience, instead of adopting a wasteful spending policy, reducing the exchange rate, or resorting to open borrowing or reducing salaries and lifting the protection cover for the poor and low-income classes.

The foundation for reform and overcoming the current crisis can only be achieved by effective governance free from conciliatory political rivalry. Economy, as well as services, security and sovereignty, will not rise in the light of the fragmentation of governance, the conflict of decision centers, and the dominance of the parties over the center, and in light of the bullying of the state and the unity and compulsion of its policies and decisions. Reform will not breathe in the light of political fiefdoms and the state's party swallowing under the headings of quotas.

Al Nasr demands national solidarity for all to overcome the crisis and adopt the most effective solutions to protect the economy and the interests of citizens.




December 22, 2020

Al Nasr Coalition: We support the government's action on protecting low-income people

"Al Nasr Coalition" announces its support for the government's action on not to harm people with limited income within the 2021 budget, and to protect them in accordance with the principle of social justice.

Al Nasr calls on the government to pressure expenditures, set spending priorities, reconsider all excess and unnecessary expenditures, intensify its efforts and measures to control border crossings, the currency sale outlet, automate taxes and customs, to ensure that the financial crisis is overcome, and try to restore the strength of the Iraqi dinar.




December 23, 2020

Al Nasr Coalition: We call on the US administration to review the decision to pardon the killers

Al Nasr Coalition condemns the decision of the outgoing US President, "Donald Trump" regarding the issuance of an amnesty for those convicted of killing innocent Iraqis in the criminal incident of Blackwater in 2007, and we demand the US administration to cancel its decision in compliance with international laws and in line with establishing fair relations with the United States of America.

Al Nasr Coalition welcomes the condemnation and follow-up of the Iraqi government through the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs for this dangerous topic.

Al Nasr affirms that the Iraqi right to the killers remains, and that the relevant state institutions must follow this file in order to achieve justice for the Iraqis.




December 28, 2020

Al Nasr Coalition: We demand weapons to be confined in the hands of the state and we warn against turning Iraq into an open battlefield

"Al Nasr Coalition" calls on all forces to comply with the logic of the state and appeal to its legitimacy, including a real and serious commitment to confine weapons in the hands of the state and in accordance with its laws and institutions. Any action outside the will of state institutions is considered a violation of the law and a rebellion against the state, its legitimacy and its interests, and this is what the Supreme Religious Authority expressed, when it called for "Taking strict measures to confine weapons in the hands of the state, and standing firmly against foreign interference in the country's affairs".

The sovereignty of the state, the security of its people, and its interests must not be subject to jurisprudence, conflict of interests and the war of agendas. The state has its legitimate institutions (legislative, executive and judicial), and everyone must subject to its contexts and submit to its logic, there is nothing outside the state except chaos and dispossession.

The protection of diplomatic missions is part of the state's obligations and duties in accordance with international law and moral responsibility, and it is not permissible to drag Iraq into an area of ​​isolation and international sanctions. It is also not in anyone's interest to make Iraq an arena of unrestrained conflict, and we warn all regional and international parties against turning Iraq into an open arena of war. It is impossible to predict the extent of the disaster that will befall the region and the world if the conflict gets out of control.

Today, our country is experiencing its most severe economic and sovereign crises, and it is everyone's duty to support and strengthen it and to work on its neutrality in the struggle of axes, to ensure its unity, security and prosperity.