A statement on the occasion of the third anniversary of Mosul liberation
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A statement on the occasion of the third anniversary of Mosul liberation

This day, we recall 3 years since the liberation of the dear city of Mosul, after the terrorist gangs of ISIS occupied it, destroyed it, ruined it, killed and displaced its citizens.

The announcement of victory in Mosul was seen by the world as a miracle, under the great difficulties that Iraq was going through then, and the world’s view of a country as they believed that it had ended and divided, but it returned strongly.

We won with our heroes' endeavor and blood, which shed from the army, the police, the anti-terrorism, the popular mobilization, the peshmerga, and the fatwa of the religious supreme authority of Mr. Ali al-Sistani. We do not forget everyone who provided support and assistance from countries.

The story of the victory over the terrorist gangs of ISIS was the story of an Iraqi victory that we should be proud of. From a country whose cities were occupied and living a financial crisis, a morale collapse, corruption, and compelling circumstances to a victorious country, the world is proud of.

On this dear occasion to the hearts of the Iraqis and the people of Mosul, everyone is called to join hands, unite efforts, and overcome differences to cross the country the challenges it is going through. The Iraqi people who have borne and made sacrifices deserve more from us.

Greeting to the people of Mosul who were patient and who provided our forces with information to get rid of the terrorist gangs, to our heroic fighters from all the provinces who left their families for the sake of defending Iraq, to the clans, the social activities, and the media who supported our heroes, it was an Iraqi epic and a beautiful painting that history will remember with letters of light.

Greeting of honor to the heroic martyrs and the wounded who, with their blood, liberated Iraq, and we ask God to support our people and our country.