The state is a comprehensive benevolent certifications
Our Visions and Commitments

The state is a comprehensive benevolent certifications

"(104) And let there be arising from you a nation inviting to all that is good, enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong, and those will be the successful". 

The whole life is a duality of good and evil, it is a struggle of ideas, wills and projects (good and bad) in the movement of history, and history is a journey of good things and a record of evils, and we must be aware of our position in this duality.

History, as a movement of jihad and human struggle, is a manifestation of dual conflict between good and evil in politics, sociology, thought, will, goals, etc. Our ages, activities, and what we say, do, and produce, are nothing but certifications of this conflict in its historical manifestations. The history's judgment about us is by the goodness or corruption of our thoughts, actions, and policies according to the criterion of good and evil, because the criterion of good and evil is a weight, an evaluation and judgment standard, and with it we will be elevated in the world and reward in the hands of God tomorrow, the day we meet.

(And let there be arising from you a nation inviting to all that is good), here is the starting point, the premise of intention, the compass of action, and the weight of the goal. It is the call to goodness, goodness in all its truths, where justice, truth, equality, mercy, giving, and peace, to obtain the success in history movement (and those will be the successful).

(And let there be arising from you a nation inviting to all that is good, enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong), the guide to good and the compass for its direction is (the nation/ the community) that carries goodness as a project and goal, it is the engine of history and the maker of success events, which thwarts to attain goodness through (inviting to all that is good, enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong) with all the certifications of the good and the wrong, whether political, societal, economic, cultural, educational.

The good as a goal requires the path of inviting to all that is good, enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong in order to obtain the success, and success here is the victory of human experience with all good certifications, whether political, societal, and economic.

The greater the goals of goodness, the greater the commissioning, the greater the hardship, and the more fruitful the success will be. Likewise is the work to the state, man, and history, which are great goals of goodness that require responsibility, sacrifice, and patience to achieve them.

We discover the greatness of man by the greatness of goodness to which he devoted himself, and who devotes himself, his thought, his life, and death to the good, righteousness, freedom, and happiness of people, is in the highest ranks of good and righteous people who have transformed monotonous time into a given history, and they transformed goodness from a slogan into a project, a method, and an option that the owners of evil cannot obliterate and confiscate whatever the power they came with.

All that we exercise and face must be subject to the criterion of good for people, the state, and the homeland, not for the good of ourselves, our parties, our narrow identities or our low interests. The departure of good to evil is at the core of misguidance, deviation and betrayal of God, man, and nation.

The greatest certificates of goodness are related to money, blood and ground, related to the tears and smile of people, their dignity, honor, security, and peace. There is no goodness in any action that does not make these certificates its title, its goal, and whoever thwarts public affairs, then these are among his first responsibilities that he must be aware of and stick to it, otherwise he will turn to evil.

Positions and titles are places of responsibility to embody goodness and push evil off man, ground, and the future, and if positions are turned into privileges, they will be evil to the land and its people, because it will be an evidence to the ego, the glutton, the privilege, and coercion.

We have to realize that the root of our societal political action is goodness as a goal, and here our parties and political forces are mediator and not goal, they must be forces of good to do good and not utilitarian idolatrous entities that live on goodness, the goodness of people and the state.

Goodness credits move and are renewed by the renewed needs of people and the requirements of the state. Here, our officials, political forces, and social activities must evolve with the development of the needs and the requirements of the good man and good state, and the development here is the development of discourse, thought, and policies so that our forces can be pioneers in doing good and secure them for the human being and the state, otherwise history will cross them and they will be an obstacle to goodness and its continuity.

The state today is the title of all goodness, it is security, economy, sovereignty, and dignity, and the non-state means chaos, corruption, deprivation, and the law of the jungle, and we must be aware that we cannot bring any good to the citizen unless there is a state.

Our state, after the fall of tyranny and Saddam’s Baathist discrimination regime, abhorrent quotas, endemic corruption, intended chaos, and systematic deprivation live, and today they live in their weakest stages after life breathed and liberated from terrorism, division, and chaos, they returned to the same swamp due to the disappearance of goodness and extending evil projects.

Our country today is living the youth uprising for the sake of reform and change. The October youth uprising 2019 is a proof of popular good that aims to put an end to the evils and spoilers in the state’s body. Today, our state desperately needs charitable projects to defend evil on its behalf, its people, lands, goods, and sovereignty. Here is the difficult test for our elites, our parties, and our societal forces, it is a solidarity responsibility that requires from us to have the highest levels of responsibility, readiness, and purity to achieve reform, otherwise we will be a proof of evil and corruption, not a proof for the state good.

Our state today needs victory for its own good, it needs bias and victory for the elements of its unity, system, integration, and sovereignty, so there is nothing outside the state but evil, where division, conflicts, chaos, and dependence on foreigners. Our state today needs a national development project that is able to remedy the legacy of the heavy past, failure stations, and the failure to assume the responsibilities of state administration. It need effective governance that is capable of advancing the burdens of building, reconstruction, development, and preserving the state’s entity. It needs effective societal political solidarity to ensure that evil is off of it, the evils of fragmentation and dispossession of dignity, sovereignty and good things, which is a task of national good that belongs to all of us.

Our project is victory and winning for the state, considering that the state today is the comprehensive good and its opposite is the comprehensive evil, which is what we worked for yesterday and we work for today and tomorrow, whether we are in the position of power or outside of it. No matter how diverse the sites are and how platforms are numerous, our national project is constant, its goal is victory for the state and victory for the good of its people, its unity, sovereignty, and welfare, and by this we realize success. (and those will be the successful).