Abadi and the Kurds
Our Visions and Commitments

Abadi and the Kurds

Abadi always stresses: We do not have a problem with our Kurdish people and its national forces, we have fought together against dictatorship, discrimination, and injustice. Our blood has been mixed with the war of liberation against black terrorism. We and they are citizens that we have no advantage over them and they have no advantage over us, we are citizens of one country and we want good, fairness, and welfare for everyone.

Abadi has been exercising a single and equal national policy towards our Iraqi people for their national, sectarian, and political diversity, and his experience in ruling is a testimony to this. He believes in citizenship, justice, and democracy as the basis for building and managing the state away from any bias, trade-off, deals or agenda.

The problem is that there are some political forces that go away with their separatist tendencies, their financial and administrative policies towards the Kurdish people and the Iraqis in general, in contrast to the constitution, justice, and common national interests.

Our attitude was and still rejecting the issue of dividing Iraq, and we were who warned and prevented Turkey and Iran from invading the Kurdistan region during the referendum issue, and we were the ones who launched salaries and allocations for our people in the region, and we did not skimp in providing services and maintaining the security and welfare of the region.

All we wanted and want is the adherence to the constitution, the unity of Iraq, financial transparency, and adherence to the requirements of the internal and external sovereignty of the state, and this is what we fulfilled in the issue of Kirkuk, resources, borders, and sovereign outlets.