Attitude towards October Youth Uprising
Our Visions and Commitments

Attitude towards October Youth Uprising

Since the start of October Youth Revolution in 2019, Abadi and Al Nasr stood with it honestly, transparently and firmly, and saw in it a real uprising to reform the political system and achieve social justice.

On the first of October, following the suppression against demonstrators, we announced that we stood by the peaceful uprising, and condemned killing, absenteeism, confiscation of freedoms, and muzzling of media.

Starting from the fifth of October, we escalated the situation. We demanded the government to resign, and holding an early elections, detecting and prosecuting the perpetrators, and we were the first to raise these demands, which are declared and documented attitudes.

Our initiatives to solve the crisis continued with several initiatives that drew a road map for a transitional phase that would correct the political process.

We demanded the continuation of the peaceful demonstration as a pressure tool for reforming the political system and forcing the political forces to fulfill the demands of the public.