Abadi and the policy of axes
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Abadi and the policy of axes

   (As part of the war of disinformation) Abadi's bias to the politics of international regional axes is often repeated. We confirm that:

Abadi’s axis is Iraq, he believes in Iraq of center, not Iraq of axes, and he embodied that during his rule. Abadi is not an American, Saudi, or Iranian. He is Iraqi with blood, affiliation, loyalty, and performance. His policy was distinguished by wisdom, and he achieved balanced relations with the conflicting countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, and America.

The summary of Abadi and Al Nasr vision revolves around balance in foreign policy, according to the rules of mutual respect, preservation of sovereignty and common interests. Iraq can only stabilize by balanced attitudes that concern the Iraqi interests. Whoever wants Abadi and Al Nasr to align with it, let it know that we do not compromise on the interests of our country. Al Nasr is not against anyone, and we believe in cooperation and complementarity of interests, but we are certainly not a place or a path for the interests and agendas of the foreigner whatever the price is.

On the strategic level, no country will succeed in swallowing and attaching Iraq to its axis. Iraq is larger than swallowing, and its location is essentially difficult to swallow or bias to a certain axis. This is a geopolitical, geo-societal, and geo-strategic reality.

Today, Iraq is located in a geostrategic depression that has made it the focus of major international regional conflicts. The region and the world will not stabilize unless there will be a strong, cooperative Iraq that is able to find a positive balance in the region, otherwise everyone will lose. A weak Iraq will make the region loose and fragile, rife with endless conflicts, a divided Iraq will divide the entire region. Iraq, the corridor of agendas will create a terrible, dangerous entanglement to the region, and the extents of the world cannot be predicted. It is for the interest of the region and the world that Iraq of center is established, not the dependent or looted Iraq. This is our vision of our country, the strong and positive Iraq of center.