Who made the victory over ISIS?
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Who made the victory over ISIS?

  :The leader of Al Nasr, Dr. Al-Abadi, has repeatedly stressed

That the Iraqis are the makers of victory, and that some wanted to sell the victory to others based on dependency or narrow interests. Victory was achieved by the sacrifices of the Iraqis and not by the sacrifices of others, and the world should raise the hat to Iraq and its people.

Yes, we benefited from the experience and support of others when facing ISIS, but the support was not free, even the weapon was from the Iraqi money, the fighting hand was Iraqi, and the spirits rising to the God were Iraqi.

Abadi always reiterates thanks to everyone who supported us in our war against terrorism, and at the same time affirms that terrorism is an interlinked and manifold international epidemic, and that countries were supporting us to preserve their existence and interests from its danger, because with our support they were pushing the danger off themselves and not off the Iraqis only, and this support was not free. Overall, the battles were Iraqi and the blood was Iraqi. The victory was distinctively Iraqi.