Abadi s attitude toward the popular mobilization
Our Visions and Commitments

Abadi s attitude toward the popular mobilization

   The popular mobilization is an honorable patriotic fighting force produced by the fatwa of the supreme authority, the patriotism of the Iraqi people, and the dignity aggression of its sons.

It has contributed with strength and honor with the rest of our forces to liberate the land and the human being from ISIS rape and restore land and dignity.

   The vision and attitude towards the popular mobilization is summarized in these points:

-Making the mobilization a part of our military forces and disciplined with their discipline, contexts, and goals. The state's logic requires the unity of its military and security forces, and this principle should apply to everyone.

-Preserving the rights of the mobilization's employees, and the rights of its martyrs, wounded, and their families.

-Preventing to employ the mobilization politically or hide behind it to achieve narrow political agenda and interests as this is contrary to the mobilization's national message and to the correct construction of the state.

-The protection of the mobilization is done by preserving its existence and national message, with its institutionalization, and not making it a part of the internal political rivalry or conflict of external axes.