Is it the Abadi s government that brought the Americans?
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Is it the Abadi s government that brought the Americans?

American forces were present in the summer of 2014 and before Abadi was responsible for ruling, according to a request made by the government that preceded his government after ISIS invaded Iraq.

Abadi received authority and the American forces were exist at Baghdad airport, the base of Balad and other regions, and all he did was that he expanded the nationality of these forces and make them joint forces to ensure that there is not a single military force assisting Iraq in its war against terrorism and to strengthening Iraq’s capabilities in countering terrorism.

After the victory over terrorism, Abadi's government developed a plan to withdraw foreign forces from Iraq to half and it started it, but the government that followed Abadi's government did not continue with the plan.

Abadi did not allow establishing any American or non-American military base, there are no American bases in Iraq, there are Iraqi bases hosting international coalition forces to fight ISIS under Security Council resolutions, forces in the form of advisers and trainers, intelligence monitoring units, American training forces, and other nationalities.