Was Abadi s rule weak?
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Was Abadi s rule weak?

It is rumored that Dr. Al-Abadi is weak in his way of managing the government, and Iraq needs a strong ruler. Is this true?

Abadi’s management style is “soft striking power.” Abadi is not a man of slogans but a champion of attitudes. He worked silently, cleverly, and without noise to achieve the most difficult successes. You saw this with his battles against terrorism, the battles of unifying the state, and controlling its sovereign economic and political paths.

Abadi who saved the state from collapse is not weak, the weak is the one who escapes or evades the responsibility, and the weak is the one who is defeated, not the one who wins.

Abadi gathered the threads of the battle, its ramifications, and its international regional extensions. The carpet of victory was woven with awareness, wisdom, and determination, without noise and slogans.

How is the form of strong rule and Abadi eliminated the largest terrorist project the world has witnessed, and he was not only managing a gun battle, but it was a gun, intelligence, conspiracies, a broken economy and opposed international regional agendas battle, Abadi managed to run them despite their contradictions and complexity to make victory and regain land and dignity.

How can the strong rule be and Abadi while fighting and defending terrorism, aborted the attempts to partition Iraq forever, and graved sectarianism that has paralyzed and divided the people?

How is the form of strong government and Abadi who fights and conquers was conducting deep reforms in the state’s body and its administrative and economic systems, which saved Iraq from economic collapse despite the bankruptcy it inherited?

How is the form of strong governance and Abadi addressed quotas with his famous political reforms in which he canceled the Vice-Presidents and Prime Minister and canceled and merged ten ministries?

How is the form of strong rule and Abadi did not serve any agenda for any country? He was an Iraqi decision-maker, he achieved balance and preserved Iraq’s sovereignty without engaging in the policy of international regional axes.

Abadi has won for the state, and the victor is the strong one, he intended to complete the victory of the state, because his project is the state and nothing else, so outside the state is nothing but chaos, deprivation, and destruction. He worked assiduously to restore the strength, prestige, and status of Iraq, and his policies were to establish Iraqi citizenship and patriotism, effective governance, the overall structure of institutions, and the striking power to impose external internal sovereignty.