Abadi .. From The Fronts of Fighting To the Diplomacy of Victory
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Abadi .. From The Fronts of Fighting To the Diplomacy of Victory

Mujahid Abul Hail

President Abadi cut the distance between Safa and Marwa wearing the wrap of victory after landing by the green bird in Saudi Arabia aboard the Iraqi Airways in a tour included three active countries in making the region events to turn them by his wisdom to passively surprised by his victors against Isis whose black clouds have disappeared from the skies of Iraq after being absorbed by those clouds.


First Round ... King's Headband

the first stop for Abadi and his accompanying delegation was in the House of God " Makkah", where he made Umrah After dismissing the dust of the battle, which he returned victorious from in a short period that has nullified the speculation of the US administration, which guessed that the length of the battle would take several years.

Abadi and the Iraqi delegation cut off seven rounds in response to the call of divine mercy to express thanks to Allah for the blessing of victories and appreciation to the sons of Iraq and his heroine armed forces with all types in making victory, with an excessive silence that wasn't interrupted only by the cheers of one of the Iraqi pilgrims who shouted loudly to Abadi "viva Abadi the liberator of Iraqi cities from gangs of Daesh", which surprised everyone and made the Saudi security confused. with this silence, Iraq's footsteps were going between Safa and Marwa, to meet the officials in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, starting with King Salman to the youngest prince of its princes welcoming Abadi who returned from fighting fronts, carrying many victories with the blood of the martyrs and the smell of gunpowder and bullets.

Saudi Arabia was unexpectedly extremely generous with Abadi and his accompanying delegation to the extent that Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman abdicated to say latterly to Abadi: "consider me as one of your ministers, Mr. President", expressing his affection and admiration for Iraq's victories achieved by Abadi and his heroes against the gangs of the Daesh.

Away from the words of description that maybe subject to misinterpretation, the King of Saudi Arabia expressed his absolute desire to stand with Iraq and support it in all fields, as the Kingdom took off to the Prime Minister of Iraq, the cloaks of its king and princes before its red carpet which was filled with all kinds of services and support for a strong unified Iraq that is capable to restore its recovery and its role in the region and the world, as "the spoiled Prince" admitted that Iraq has the fundamentals of the advancement more than Saudi Arabia, mentioning its distinctive minds and Tigris and Euphrates.

Saudi Arabia expressed its desire for a strategic partnership with the victorious Iraq, promising to enter the Iraqi market with courageous capital, that does not care for losses because the logic of profit and loss with Iraq is not in the Saudis' account.

Abadi's meetings with the King of Saudi Arabia and its prince, who has the keys of playing in the region, were like important message to the world that Iraq is not suffering from a the past problems and is not infected with sectarian flu or the fever of entrenchment in the axes of the region and the world because Iraq after Daesh is completely different from the divided Iraq where you can see black flags coming from the caves of history on its palms.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has expressed its desire to overcome the past and close the pages of near and far history so the Iraqi government and society have to invest this opportunity or subjected to testing and know the extent to match the pain of Iraqis who their hearts were burnt a lot by the fuel of parents and neighbors, which fueled the fire of sectarianism and  war.


The second round .. Tehran cloak

The second stop of the green plane, which carry Abadi and his accompanying delegation was at Mehrabad airport in Tehran, to immediately start  meetings with senior officials, headed by the "rahber\ the rider" or the leader of the Islamic republic and its guardian. Where the visit of any official to Iran without meeting him or Mr. Khamenei is incomplete and protocol.

The leader of the Islamic Republic and its senior officials expressed their admiration for Iraq's victories against Isis. They welcomed Abadi, commander-in-chief of the Iraqi armed forces, as well as the heroes returning from the fighting fronts amid clear praise for his ability to manage the battle and his speed in picking successive victories.

The game was not easy for the Arab leaders or Muslims, except Abadi, especially that he's coming on the same plane from an important and successful visit to Saudi Arabia's arch-enemy to Iran and the qualitative antibody of its policy and one of the parties for making or resolving crises in the region and the world, but Abadi could convince the makers of Persian carpet quickly and keep the doors of the Islamic Republic open to the demands of Iraqis that never end, he also held several memorandums of understanding in important fields such as energy, trade, security, tourism and other common interests between the two countries in his first meeting with reformist president Hassan Rowhani. Who has not yet closed the doors of his office to the bouquets of roses and congratulations for his winning of his second presidential term.


The third round .. Wisdom of princes

After a complicated tour according to the political criteria between two contradictory capitals in positions and affiliations, Abadi's plane landed in the capital of wisdom and tranquility Kuwait where the royal family of the ruling family came out to welcome Abadi and the accompanying delegation, with the elegance of the princes, everything was well in the customs of the Amiri Palace where the prince of Kuwait directed all The government members to discuss the common issues between the two countries to achieve their interests. And after a successful round of negotiations, investment, industry and agriculture files were discussed, in addition to the opening of important political and security files. All Sunnis and Shiites, including As-sabah and Abadi, prayed at the palace mosque in a quiet Ramadan night, which the two parties will remember with love and gratitude in the future of bilateral relations.


The last round .. rights of a homeland

Abadi returned to Baghdad with good Iranian and Gulf promises that Iraq will restore its regional role and cultural status. Through the Joint Coordination Council between Iraq and the Kingdom, Iraq will be able to invest its victories against the terrorist groups of Isis and not allow to produce a new version of terrorism under another name, and its economy can rely on other resources with oil if it can withdraw the countries of the region to invest in its grounds.

Iraq has also announced its retirement from the game of sectarianism, concentration, and cut the way for its local players who inspired the neighboring Islamic countries to exercise their right in this game.

Iraq also reported its political message clearly that it is not a party to a conflict, or a tool in a battle, or a follower to one of the region axis, but it is a country that has been recovered by the blood of its sons on their shoulders and the foot of the armed forces in all their types, and the curves of their faces, which made victory in a short period dazzled the world and made it bow down to their rising heights.