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Sistani/ Abadi / Iraqi Forces

Mujahid Abu Hail

We have to admit that the winds of successive Iraqi victories which dropped the black flags of Isis and defused the speculation of the American Pentagon generals, who raised the duration to several years, these victories did not come from the sky and the battle is not a political game close to the ends, but there are three objective elements that contributed to those victories and reduced their time limits to lower than expected.
It is not appropriate to create a new debate about Iraq after Isis, because who made the victory can keep it or make another one in another area, as some of the political and media elites are busy with the useless debate that is close to make new illusion under the name of "Iraq after Isis" instead of celebrating those victories. This illusion has been raised in the minds of losers or those who missed the participation in the victory or those who did not realize to catch up the battlefield as a result of negligence or lack of faith in the ability of the Iraqi local machine to liberate the cities from terrorism.
The three elements or the triangle of golden victory are all Iraqi-made and working according to the security and military timing for the Iraqi security forces.
Writing about these three elements is not a part of the political propaganda but it is a national and moral mandate to spread the joy that is similar to the Iraqis' consensus on joy when their national football team scores a goal against the opponent, so what if the Iraqi goals continued against the ripped goal of Isis.
 Also, we are not allowed to shorten the victory with these three elements only, because everyone participated in it and contributed to it, but the following three elements were very important and effective to the point of making the victory.

Sistani .. Guns of the advisory opinion of Ayatollah
The advisory opinion "fatwa" of Sayyid Ali al-Sistani stands at the top of the pyramid of the Golden victory Triangle, where the fatwa has dropped all predictions and bets to overthrow the head of Iraq and carry it on the lancer invaders to roam it around the world screens, the terrorist organization of Isis did not expect that a sentence consists of few lines issued from a house that is not more than one hundred meters in one of the simple alleys of Najaf will defeat the state of Khilafah and invalidate the illusions of the Caliph, who was counting time with his Rolex watch to reach Baghdad and declare the capital of his next state, but the hanging clock on the wall of the simple house of Sistani was faster than the Swiss watch of the Caliph.
Sistani's victory fatwa was the zero hour for launching the military operation, which has been harsher than any of the international coalition's aircraft and missile arsenal to Isis. The " Guns of the advisory opinion of Ayatollah " hit the dens of Isis with torrent of serious sacrifices and roan blood from Iraqi national army, popular mobilization , police, and other forces that united under the banner of Iraq to extricate it from the banners of falsehood and darkness.
The dismantling of the national and military connotations of that fatwa will make it a national document  predicts that Iraq can recover itself from the rubble of successive crises, especially as it pours water to extinguish the sectarian strife that has engulfed the Iraqi society, but the fatwa with its national taste returned the Iraqis to their national origins and their honest truth and taught them how to carry their guns in one hand and feed the people by the other one, in addition to the humanization of the war by issuing the blog of the bottle ethics, which carried great valued concepts that put Islam in a way that embarrassed the fake Islam of Isis.

Abadi .. The ease with hardship
Abadi's strength lies not only in his presence in the battlefields, but in his ability to reformulate the political scene, clear the crises with neighboring countries, return Iraq to the embrace of the international community, condemn the attempt to isolate it from the Arab and regional surroundings, provide pure political environment to prepare for the homeland battle against terrorism with the new Isis version, after the political process sky was suffocated because of the sectarian tension and political conflict clouds, which generated a complex political environment and a local crisis that was frighteningly fragmented distributing its element over neighboring countries according to ideological subordination.
Abadi, the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, declared the beginning of the battle using all the Iraqi tools for making the victory and liberating the human before the land. The civil and humanitarian affairs occupied the main part of Abadi's thinking in the battle, to the extent that he gave the media a hot item for rumors that he was not serious about running the battle militarily. I can't forget the day I was with him in the battle of Fallujah, the city of minarets which was taken by Isis as the moral capital of its ominous caliphate, as Abadi announced that the battle may slow to save the lives of civilians, foreign media and local yellow media collided news and turn it into another material to negotiate " Abadi postponed the resolution of the battle because of its difficulty", I also tend when talking about the battle of Fallujah to talk about the wisdom of Abadi and his accuracy in the management of the battle as he was discussing with the generals of the Iraqi army with the military maps that he was memorizing , as I was impressed by his bravery at the day I found myself with Abadi and the fighter team Abdul Wahab al-Saadi and a few heroes of the anti-terrorism apparatus, on the roofs of one of the houses of Fallujah, which has not yet freed from the black banners which were driven by the winds of liberation coming from the footprints of our security forces, where the commander-in-chief of the armed forces insisted that he penetrates into the depths of the city to directly supervise the bath of the holy battle.
In the end, the hypocritical caliph and the princes of his state fled to the unknown point in history. And the legal caliph, the temporary successor to the Iraqis by the virtue of democratic process, "Abu Yusr al-Abadi" was able to be true believer of the precious verse "The ease with hardship".

The security forces .. Blog of liberation and victory
No one has the right to deny the heroic epics of the Iraqi people and security equipment in all forms and the burdens of the faces of their fighters, where the Iraqis, with their pure blood, recorded the history of the finest and most authentic epics to express their courage and national unity and their Iraqism, which nullified sectarian, regional and national bets. Otherwise, what is the reason for the people of the forgotten villages in the geography books to volunteer in the ranks of the popular mobilization or the Iraqi army and the federal police to defend the cities they read only in textbooks? Where the forgotten soldiers of Iraq fought a fierce and savage enemy, in streets that they did not walk in one day, with all serenity and solidarity with the people of those cities that occupied by Isis.
Why many of the Iraqi forces heroes oriented to the martyrdom on the fronts of fighting, leaving their mothers' and wives' embrace and their pages on "Facebook" without a farewell word or write "the post" of the last victory?
The pages of social media were filled with pictures of martyrs and expressions of obituary and loyalty from their friends or the tears of their granules without being able to directly express this horror for fear of their brothers who are present - as well - on the fronts of fighting, as Iraqi girls' habits in the education of shyness and modesty.
The answer to these and other questions will be a heavy article that will fill the pages of the victory and liberation blog that will be read by the people of the liberated cities with a free Iraq of black flags.
But the question remains open to the people of these cities and members of their provincial councils and representatives of liberated cities in the next parliament and politicians, will they keep the names of these young people who believed in their homeland and watered its land with their blood coming from the depths of forgotten alleys and neglected villages in the maps of the homeland?