Dr. Haider Al-Abadi receives an elite group of Iraqi competencies in various fields
Al Nasr Presidency

Dr. Haider Al-Abadi receives an elite group of Iraqi competencies in various fields

Today, Wednesday, the head of Al Nasr Coalition, Dr. Haider Al-Abadi, received a group of distinguished Iraqi competencies in various fields as part of his series of weekly meetings with the elites of society.

The meeting witnessed a remarkable presence from representatives of various sectors, including education, health, technology, economics, and culture, whether in the public or private sector.

Dr. Al-Abadi spoke with the guests about critical issues that require attention and hard work. He stressed the importance of supporting the private sector, stimulating investments, and encouraging youth and women to participate actively in the construction and development process. Pointing out the need to integrate the scientific aspect with the practical element to export elites and work to enhance the moral aspect so that the individual becomes influential in society.

He added: "With the development of technology and science, learning has become easier and faster, and the difference between work and competence is based on eligibility, and eligibility is a certificate of competence in education, experience, and adherence to the standards required for every job."

In his speech, Dr. Al-Abadi touched on the importance of the pivotal role played by Iraqi competencies and minds in shaping the country's future, noting that Iraq needs unified efforts and cooperation among all sectors of society to overcome the current challenges and achieve the desired prosperity. He stressed that the public and private sectors must work to create an environment that supports innovation and creativity and provides opportunities for everyone without exception. Today, the state needs competencies to lead it and overcome challenges.

The attendees discussed the affairs of their specialization, the role of their work towards society and the state, and the importance of continuing these dialogues and joint work in a spirit of patriotism and responsibility to ensure the translation of ideas and proposals into practical projects that contribute to advancing progress in Iraq.