Al-Abadi: Public political participation of citizens is another form of work and achievement
Al Nasr Presidency

Al-Abadi: Public political participation of citizens is another form of work and achievement

Today, Saturday, the head of Al Nasr Coalition, Dr. Haider Al-Abadi, attended the eighth annual celebration held by the Mawazine News Foundation to honor the creative and distinguished people in the media, cultural, and sports fields during the year 2023 in the Celebration Hall of Turath University in Baghdad.

Under the slogan "Creative achievement is excellence and responsibility," Dr. Al-Abadi spoke about the importance of creativity as a fundamental pillar of the movement and development of people.

Al-Abadi stressed in his speech that achievement is a duty. Still, creativity in achievement is considered the actual distinction that distinguishes one nation from another, and he warned against fighting creativity and innovators in all work facilities.

Al-Abadi touched on the challenges facing societies in light of rapid development, pointing out that growth in spending and the number of workers does not necessarily reflect progress in economic activity and job opportunities, raising a question about the ability to progress, saying that the problem we have in Iraq is not the lack of minds or wealth but rather the necessity for the majority to work instead of just taking and providing achievement and not just work.

Al-Abadi stressed the importance of taking public responsibility in solidarity in various fields and classes. He recalled what the Iraqi martyrs provided for their country and their people as a model considered the highest in work.

He also pointed out that we live in an "autumn of oil," which calls for a shift toward alternative energy sources and more significant investment in minds and creativity as sustainable sources of development and prosperity.

Dr. Al-Abadi concluded his speech by warning of the danger of citizens separating from political participation, indicating that their participation is another form of public achievement with a direct and long-term impact.