Dr. Al-Abadi receives representatives from research and specialized and strategic centers
Al Nasr Presidency

Dr. Al-Abadi receives representatives from research and specialized and strategic centers

Today, Wednesday, the head of Al Nasr Coalition, Dr. Haider Al-Abadi, received several representatives of research and specialized and strategic centers as part of his series of weekly meetings with the elites of society.

The meeting discussed several topics, most notably the challenges facing Iraq internationally. Dr. Al-Abadi mentioned the multiple attacks on Iraq as an example of the problems that must be investigated, describing the Iranian, American, and Turkish attacks as transgressions that establish a hostility that serves no one. He warned that taking Iraq as an arena for settling scores is a dangerous game that will turn against everyone. He also expressed his support for the government’s measures towards any transgression against Iraq, calling for national solidarity to preserve Iraq, its people, and its sovereignty.

Dr. Al-Abadi praised the role played by these centers and what they can do to support government policies through in-depth research and strategic analyses, stressing that enhancing cooperation between government institutions and research institutions is an essential pillar for the growth of institutional behavior that supports prosperity.

At the end of his speech, Al-Abadi touched on the ongoing war in Palestine and the Western bias towards Israel and ignoring the targeting of innocent citizens until the situation reached the point where some countries took action against the lawsuit that South Africa filed against Israel on charges of committing genocide against Palestinian civilians.

The representatives of the centers presented some of the latest studies and research they have conducted, highlighting essential recommendations that may contribute to developing more effective policies in many areas. They also stressed the importance of establishing continuous communication channels between decision-makers and research centers.