Fourth quarter of 2023
Our Attitudes

Fourth quarter of 2023

From October 2 to December 26, 2023

October 2, 2023

Al Nasr Coalition: The screaming is as painful as it is, Halbousi

Ayat Mudhaffar, spokeswoman for the "Al Nasr Coalition", condemned the irresponsible media statements of Haibat al-Halbousi about the positions of Dr. Haider al-Abadi, and considered that his screams were equal to the pain, the pain of the facts that hurt him and others who claim patriotism and defense of "their people", whose situation and wealth become clear with a simple calculation before and after ISIS, at the expense of our people in Anbar.

Mudhaffar condemned the poor language and lightness of Al-Halbousi’s statements about Al-Abadi and the Coordination Framework as allegations and lies, which we categorically deny.

The spokeswoman for "Al Nasr Coalition" confirmed that Dr. Al-Abadi reserves the right of legal response to sue Al-Halbousi for his transgressions and false accusations.




October 4, 2023

Al Nasr Coalition: We call for a national trial for those who identify with terrorism

Ahmed Al-Wandi, spokesman for "Al Nasr Coalition", confirmed that the response to the "Taqaddum" parliamentary bloc’s statement reflected the unity of the position on crucial issues, and sent a clear message that there is no appeasement or compromise on the nation’s strategic issues.

Al-Wandi called on other political forces to clarify their position on the dangerous trend that was stated in the "Taqaddum" statement.

the spokesman for Al Nasr Coalition indicated that "Al-Nasr" refrains from responding to the torrent of accusations, distortion, and misinformation contained in the "Taqaddum" statement against Dr. Haider Al-Abadi, but, to achieve the truth, we call for a national trial that will reveal to history those who conspired, supported, passed, and identified with terrorism, and who should bear the sins of ISIS and its massacres against Iraq and the Iraqi people of all their ethnicities and sects, and against the rights of our people in the provinces that ISIS usurped, and who deceived their people before others and displaced them and deprived them, and who traded and trade, misled and mislead, and incited and incite, and who want to rehabilitate strife, sectarianism and terrorism.




October 15, 2023


His Eminence, Mr. Ammar Al-Hakim, may God bless him…

Gentlemen, leadership, and cadres of Al-Hikma National Movement…

We congratulate you on holding your second general conference, and we all hope that it will be crowned with success.

Al-Hikma National Movement is a moderate national force with weight and influence in the national arena. We hope that it will grow stronger and longer.

Al Nasr Coalition and Al-Hikma National Movement are linked to a solid and established political alliance, and we hope it will survive and progress.

Please accept our highest appreciation, and may your conference be a success.




October 16, 2023

Al Nasr Coalition: We call for unity, coexistence, and national solidarity

On October 16, 2017, “law enforcement” operations took place in the city of Kirkuk, and the main goal was to preserve the unity of Iraq and the Iraqis.

Neither narrow calculations nor ethnic prejudices were the motivation for this process; rather, it was dictated by the constitutional and national responsibility of Dr. Haider al-Abadi as Prime Minister and the primary executive responsible for the country’s conditions and destiny.

On this occasion, we call on all Iraqis for unity, coexistence, adherence to the constitution, and shared interests. Destiny is one, and existence, interests, and sovereignty cannot be achieved except with national solidarity.

The world is witnessing more turmoil, and the region is burdened by its explosive crises. We, as Iraqis, cannot confront the challenges and preserve our security, interests, and sovereignty except through unity and making the Iraqi interest and serving the citizens the criterion, not narrow partisan or sectarian interest.




November 4, 2023

Al Nasr Coalition: Iraq, with its religious authority and governmental and constitutional institutions, is the one leading itself

Ahmed Al-Wandi, spokesman for "Al Nasr Coalition," confirmed that Al Nasr Coalition supports the position of the Prime Minister, that "the Iraqi state is responsible for making major decisions based on the interest of the people."

Al Nasr Coalition stresses that Iraq, with its religious authority and governmental and constitutional institutions, is the one that leads itself, defines its interests, and manages crises of all kinds in a way that preserves and combines its internal and external obligations and national interests.




November 14, 2023

Al Nasr Coalition: We call on everyone to comply with the law and the authority of constitutional institutions

"Al Nasr Coalition" declares its support for the decisions of the Federal Court and that no one is above the law and under the authority of accountability, especially politicians and those who hold positions of responsibility in the state.

One of the most important requirements for building and stabilizing the state is the supremacy and rule of law and the governance of institutions, and we call on everyone to comply with the law and the authority of constitutional institutions.




November 22, 2023

"Al Nasr Coalition" condemns the American violation of Iraqi sovereignty, which led to the martyrdom of a group of Popular Mobilization Forces mujahideen, and we affirm Iraq's sovereign right to defend its people and state.

"Al Nasr" stresses the necessity of adhering to the Iraqi government's policy in dealing with internal and external files and crises, as it has the legitimate right to represent Iraq, fulfill its obligations, and defend its interests.

"Al Nasr Coalition" calls for unity of national ranks, unification of visions and positions, and for entrenchment behind the legitimacy of the state and its institutions in preserving the people, maintaining the regime, and securing the state.

Mercy for the martyrs, healing for the wounded, and pride for Iraq.




December 8, 2023


We support the Iraqi government's position of rejecting, condemning, and criminalizing attacks on diplomatic missions. We see in it a responsible position consistent with the government's responsibilities as the representative and expressive of Iraq's policies and positions and the interests of its people.

Security, stability, and higher interests are not commodities in the market of agendas, and it is unacceptable to cover up any exposure or threat to the security, stability, and sovereignty of the country.

The multiplicity of power centers and their conflict with the country's authorities regarding positions and interests is a recipe for failure and destruction for the country. We call on everyone to abandon it, line up behind the state, and secure the legitimacy of its authorities in a way that achieves the interests of our people through balanced and sovereign relations with the world.

May God protect Iraq's people, land, and sovereignty.




December 26, 2023

The National State Forces Alliance condemns the mutual military and security escalation between America and Iraqi parties, which led to a violation of sovereignty and the fall of martyrs, and holds the parties responsible for the consequences and repercussions.

Everyone must realize that security and stability are an Iraqi, regional, and international interest, and the last thing Iraq and the region needs is to drag Iraq down the slope of turmoil and chaos. We warn of the disastrous consequences of mutual escalation.

We have affirmed and confirm that the Iraqi state's government and institutions are constitutionally responsible for Iraq, its policies, positions, and interests that the government is responsible for managing the country, and that overstepping its will by internal and external parties will not be accepted.

All national and foreign parties must adhere to the sovereignty of Iraq and the decisions of the elected and legitimate government, and any weakening, breach, or attack on sovereignty will harm everyone.