Dr. Al-Abadi: Tribes are the soul of Iraqi society and one of its strong pillars
Al Nasr Presidency

Dr. Al-Abadi: Tribes are the soul of Iraqi society and one of its strong pillars

Yesterday, Wednesday, the head of Al Nasr Coalition, Dr. Haider Al-Abadi, received several tribal sheiks and notables as part of his series of weekly meetings with the elites of society.

In his speech, Dr. Al-Abadi pointed out that the tribes are the soul of Iraqi society, one of its strong pillars, and have an essential role in building the state through their reformist societal position.

Regarding general issues, Al-Abadi touched on topics, most notably the importance of strategic economic planning to confront any potential crisis, such as the decline in oil prices, establishing robust and systematic mechanisms for managing public and private employment, and organizing relations and understanding with international bodies.

Al-Abadi added: "The national vision in Iraq must be unified regarding strategic decisions, and large affairs must not be limited to one component or party but must be agreed upon with everyone."

Al-Abadi concluded his speech with the need to support Gaza in all possible ways and end the injustice to which more than two million civilians have been exposed for three months.

The tribal sheiks recalled Dr. Al-Abadi's management of the state, his leadership of the war against terrorism, the solution to the economic crisis that Iraq faced at the time, and his societal policy to ending sectarianism. They also discussed the importance of supporting the tribes and their challenges.