Dr. Haider Al-Abadi’s speech on the sixth anniversary of the victory over ISIS
Al Nasr Presidency

Dr. Haider Al-Abadi’s speech on the sixth anniversary of the victory over ISIS

In the name of God the Merciful, the Munificent

Dear people, I congratulate you on the anniversary of your great victory on December 10, 2017, the anniversary of the victory over the terrorism and barbarism of ISIS, the anniversary of the man and the earth's liberation from the filth of the most powerful gangs of blood, darkness, and savagery.

I have always believed in your abilities. On this day, I commemorate your victory that astonished the world. You were victorious with your determination, O proud people, and with your unity, will, and sacrifices. The victory is distinctly Iraqi, which will remain a badge of pride and dignity and eternal in your tremendous history.

Dear honorable people, on the anniversary of Iraq's victory and triumph, allow me to focus on axes that I see as important today:

1-The liberation battles that Iraq fought against terrorism were existential battles for the state. The terrorism project was, at its core, an overthrow of the entire state and a change in its identity, structure, and sovereign map.

We thwarted this option, which was supported and served by regional and international powers, and we won the battle to restore the state, and we aborted the option of the fall of Iraq as a state. This great victory could not have been achieved except with national unity and the union of all the forces and elites of the people in the state as an existence, management, and goal.

2-The liberation battles were not just military battles. Still, in-depth, they were wars of effective state management with its economies, intelligence, and the balances of its internal, regional, and international policies. We have proven the ability of the Iraqi administration and will to win complex, comprehensive challenges and wars.

3-Victory over ISIS has dropped the option of terrorism and brutality from becoming a reality that the world must live with. Thus, powerful Iraq has dropped the option of terrorism from preying on the region and the world, and the region and the world must raise their hat to Iraq, its people, and its fighters and pay the debt to it.

4-The victory over terrorism was Iraqi, and it is unfair to grant victory to a foreigner, whoever it may be. We supported the world and extended our gratitude to it, but we affirmed that the blood and victory were distinctly Iraqi, that the world's support for us was in defense of their countries and interests from collapsing at the hands of terrorism, and that it was aid paid for and not free.

5-With our victory over terrorism, we emerged with a unified state, a cohesive people, a better economy, and restored sovereignty. We gained the world's confidence in us as a state and a political administration capable of winning significant stakes despite the enormous challenges and obstacles.

O glorious people, today is the anniversary of victory, and Iraq is facing severe challenges that are no less important and fateful for the people and the state. We must confront them with wisdom, unity, and determination.

The achievements achieved yesterday through your unity, will, and sacrifices must not be undone today or tomorrow.

We have dropped the options of terrorism, sectarianism, fragmentation, and chaos, and today and tomorrow, we must apply the same rule of interaction and the same measure of concern and determination through will and management as we face internal and external challenges, to ensure victory and progress with the power of God and your determination.

We must not allow terrorism, crime, and chaos to settle again, and we must stand together to rebuild, spread coexistence, and achieve justice. We must unite and stand against the reproduction of sectarianism, the chaos of weapons, the disintegration of groups, and the dependence of the will on foreigners.

Winning the stake of the state's unity, sovereignty, and well-being depends on national unity, effective governance, and efficient administration. It depends on the people's resolve to overcome the challenges of construction and survival.

I see at the forefront of the challenges we face today, the challenge of unity of decision, governance policy, and unity of state administration, and here I stress the necessity of discipline in the state and its institutions. We cannot overcome the challenges in a state with multiple centers of power, decision-making, and politics, and a state divided against itself condemns itself to failure and destruction.

Also, we must make the battles of integrity and honesty and order national battles to break the back of corruption, betrayal, and chaos. It is shameful that corruption and chaos continue in our national record and our historical path.

O proud people, the anniversary of victory has passed, and Iraq is on the cusp of a critical local election challenge. Here, I stress the necessity of broad public participation to ensure the outcome of an accurate, fair, and effective representation of the people and that the elections must be free, honest, and truly express the will of the Iraqis and their aspiration toward reform and change and the realization of hopes for construction and progress. Without this, the elections will not be an expression of the will and choices of the people.

You are the one who chooses and creates the future, so participate actively and choose the best and most appropriate to manage your governorates and achieve your aspirations.

Dear brothers and sisters, the anniversary of Iraq's victory over terrorism coincides with the brutal war waged by the angry and arrogant Zionist entity against the people of Palestine, who lack security, dignity, and land.

Here, I affirm, inspired by our victory over the forces of terrorism and barbarism, that it is only possible for the people to be victorious, no matter how far the injustice and aggression extend.

(…And those who have wronged are going to know to what kind of return they will be returned)

I congratulate Iraq and its people on the anniversary of its clear victory over terrorism, and I pray to God Almighty for prosperity and progress for Iraq and its people and freedom and sovereignty for Palestine and all peoples who aspire to dignity and justice.


Peace and Blessings to you.


Dr. Haider Al-Abadi

December 10, 2023