Al-Abadi: Victory over terrorism is a badge of pride, honor, and dignity in the history of Iraq, and our people are capable of choosing the best
Al Nasr Presidency

Al-Abadi: Victory over terrorism is a badge of pride, honor, and dignity in the history of Iraq, and our people are capable of choosing the best

Al Nasr Coalition held many large celebrations on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of the declaration of victory over ISIS and the complete liberation of Iraq in Baghdad and other provinces today, Sunday.

In the capital, the celebration was opened with a welcome to the distinguished guests, including high-ranking political and community figures, amid a large audience, followed by a recitation of the Holy Qur'an, listening to the Iraqi national anthem, and reading Al-Fatihah for the souls of the martyrs of Iraq and the victory.

In his speech, Dr. Al-Abadi congratulated the Iraqi people on the anniversary of the great victory on December 10, 2017, over the terrorism and barbarism of ISIS and the liberation of man before the earth from the filth of the most powerful gangs of blood, darkness, and savagery.

Al-Abadi described this day as a badge of pride, dignity, and glory in the great history of Iraq. Then he raised essential topics, including that the liberation battles that Iraq fought against terrorism were existential battles for the state, and not just military ones, but wars for effective management of the state with its economies, intelligence, and the balances of its internal, regional, and international policies. Victory over ISIS removed the option of terrorism and brutality from becoming a reality imposed on the world to live with.

Al-Abadi stressed that the blood and victory were distinctly Iraqi, and that the world's support for us was in defense of their interests, and that it was paid-for aid and was not for free.

He added: "With our victory over terrorism, we emerged with a unified state, a cohesive people, a better economy, and restored sovereignty. We gained the world's confidence in us as a state and a political administration capable of winning major stakes despite the enormous challenges and obstacles. The achievements that were achieved yesterday with your unity, will, and sacrifices must not be undone today or tomorrow."

Al-Abadi called for the necessity of broad public political participation to ensure the outcome of an accurate, fair, and effective representation of the people and that the elections must be free and honest, and expresses the will of the Iraqis and their aspiration toward reform and change and the realization of hopes for construction and progress.

Al-Abadi did not leave his speech without talking about the brutal war waged by the arrogant Zionist entity against our Palestinian people, calling for achieving freedom and sovereignty for them.

The celebration also witnessed poetry activities, chants, and national songs, in addition to viewing a documentary about the occasion.

The National State Forces Alliance candidates in the governorates gave a speech following Dr. Al-Abadi's speech, in which they praised the exceptional management of that stage. They also pledged to the people to continue construction efforts and serve the people.