Third quarter of 2023
Our Attitudes

Third quarter of 2023

From September 19 to September 27, 2023


September 19, 2023

Al Nasr Coalition: Iraq must put pressure on Turkey, security-wise, politically, and economically to stop its violation of its sovereignty

"Al Nasr Coalition" condemns the Turkish aggression against (Arabat) Airport in Sulaymaniyah Governorate, which led to the martyrdom and injury of (6) members of the Counter-Terrorism Service.

Turkey continues its aggressive actions towards Iraq under various pretexts, and has not been met with an effective response to its aggression and violation of Iraqi sovereignty. It is shameful to continue silence, and it is a treason if collusion with the ongoing Turkish aggression continues.

Turkey is an occupying country in Iraq, and there are dozens of its military bases deep in Iraqi territory, in addition to its continued violation of sovereignty and its interference in the internal affairs of Iraq, which is an issue that is not covered, and is the subject of a national imbalance.

Iraq has several options to deal firmly with Turkey, and we must change the rules of the game with Turkey on the security, political and economic levels if the homeland has value and sovereignty that is inviolable. This is a serious test for the forces responsible for the state at this historical moment.




September 23, 2023

Al Nasr Coalition expresses its astonishment at the interpretation of the intentions of Dr. Haider al-Abadi’s recent statements, and the exploitation of some of his statements for clear political goals and agendas, especially towards the government.

Al Nasr Coalition confirms that all of what Dr. Al-Abadi stated is not new, and it is positions announced on several occasions, and launching them again comes to ensure the safety of the national process, system and people, and in particular his declared positions on supporting the Iraqi government and its path to provide services, fight corruption, spread stability, and launch development, which found its general outlines in the speech of the Prime Minister, Mr. Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani, at the United Nations General Assembly.

Al Nasr Coalition and its president renew his firm national positions, which are embodied in the many challenges that the nation has experienced, and his concern for societal and political stability in cooperation with the national political forces, the Coalition calls on everyone to stay away from quarrels and media mobilization, out of concern for the public interests of the nation and the citizen.




September 27, 2023

We offer our condolences to our Iraqi people and our people in Al-Hamdaniya for this great tragedy, it is a national disaster that requires solidarity, compassion and support from the Iraqi government and people.

As we condole our people in Al-Hamdaniya, we announce the organization of a blood donation campaign to preserve the lives of the wounded, collect donations to support the affected families, and form volunteer youth teams to support volunteer work.

May God shower mercy on the martyrs, grant recovery to the wounded, and give patience to the bereaved families.