Al-Abadi: The nation that is guided by the greats cannot be defeated
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Al-Abadi: The nation that is guided by the greats cannot be defeated

With pride and glory, we remember Imam Al-Sistani's order to defend people, land and sovereignty against ISIS of terrorism and barbarism. The nation that is directed by the greats and scholars cannot deviate or be defeated.

I would like to great our blessed reference, and all those who answered its historic call in 2014 AD, to carry out the sacred duty of national defense, starting from the loyal volunteers of the Popular Mobilization Forces to the ranks of our heroic armed forces, and all the elites and local communities who contributed to the victory, and the friends who stood with us around the globe.

Our battle against ISIS was the battle of all humanity, and it is truly a battle of light, dignity and civilization against darkness, filth and backwardness. The Iraqis led it with patience, sacrifice and perseverance, and they won the greatest victory.

Our national nation can win all challenges despite its political, economic, cultural and sovereign diversity, on the condition of its unity and solidarity, on the condition of its awareness and commitment, and on the condition of empowering responsible, competent and loyal national leaders to their country and people.

Greetings to our historical reference, greetings to all the sacrificing fighters, and eternity to the martyrs, the makers of victory.