Fourth quarter of 2022
Our Attitudes

Fourth quarter of 2022

From October 10 to December 19

October 10, 2022

Al-Abadi: Continuing to disrupt the state portends a popular revolution and an internationalization of the Iraqi situation

A year has passed since the early elections were held, and the political impasse still prevails, which is not appropriate for someone who stands up for the leadership of a people and the administration of a state.

I called earlier, and with public and private initiatives, to overcome the repercussions of the electoral process crisis and its aftermath, and to go to national constitutional settlements produced by constructive and responsible dialogue to get out of the crisis.

I regret speaking in the language of warning, but politicians must realize that continuing to disrupt the state portends a popular revolution, and an internationalization of the Iraqi situation, which the Iraqis do not accept.

I am full of hope that the approach of wisdom will prevail to end the political crisis, out of concern for the state, the system and the people.




October 19, 2022

Al Nasr Coalition: If the shameful theft of public money does not take its due through reform and deterrence, then the state is lost.

The shameful theft of the secretariats of the General Tax Authority puts the state, its financial and oversight institutions, the general organs of the state, and the political class in front of major responsibilities that begin with reform and do not end with strict penalties for the corrupt. And if this case does not fully deserve accountability and deterrence, then the state is lost.

This open theft would not have taken place if there wasn't conspiracy and cheap servitude among the officials of many state institutions, and an absence of responsibility, diligence and follow-up as basic elements of governance.

For history, there were doubts about the performance of the General Tax Authority during the government of Dr. Al-Abadi 2014-2018. To cut off any possible manipulation, the Prime Minister, Dr. Al-Abadi issued numbered book on 26/2/2017 instructing the Office of Financial Supervision to audit all transactions for the return of tax and customs deposit amounts starting from 1/1/2015, with an important note: that the financial control audits the accounts of the Iraqi state after the disbursement. However, the Supervision order issued in 2017 directs the auditing of accounts before disbursement, which is a proactive step to preserve and maintain public money.

However, it is unfortunate that this decision was later canceled without giving any convincing justification, and then the largest theft of public money took place.

This theft should not and cannot pass without a responsible and firm stand that restores the state's order, strength, and prestige in the face of every saboteur, spoiler, and cheap person.




November 20, 2022

Al Nasr Coalition: We offer condolences to the families of the victims and call for tightening public safety measures

"Al Nasr Coalition" condoles our people in Sulaymaniyah for the horrific explosion that led to the fall of many innocent victims, and we express our grief and sympathy to them in this great accident.

"Al Nasr Coalition" calls on the local authorities to tighten public safety measures to save lives and property.




November 20, 2022

Al Nasr Coalition: Iraq's neighboring countries must realize that what cannot be gained by peace cannot be achieved by war

We refuse to make Iraq an arena of open conflict for neighboring countries, and a field for internal and regional agendas to export crises and reckoning, and we warn everyone that violating Iraqi sovereignty and blowing up the military and security situation will affect everyone, and the affected will not be Iraq alone, and the Iraqi neighboring countries must realize that what cannot be won by peace, cannot be achieved by war.

"Al Nasr Coalition" calls on the Iraqi government to open a comprehensive strategic dialogue with both Turkey and Iran to find solutions to all problematic issues, especially those related to security and border safety, extinguishing hotbeds of tension, and establishing a new phase that preserves security, peace and development for all.




December 19, 2022

We call for effective and lasting official and popular solidarity to eradicate ISIS

"Al Nasr Coalition" condemns in the strongest terms the Kirkuk attack carried out by ISIS terrorism, which led to the martyrdom of at least nine Iraqi policemen, and sympathizes with the families of the martyrs.

The security system needs to integrate efforts, especially intelligence, to eradicate terrorist cells, and we call for effective and lasting official and popular solidarity to eradicate ISIS.

Security and stability are a national solidarity mission, and all priorities must be given to them in the work of the government, community activities and popular circles.

Mercy for the martyrs, and shame on the black terrorism.