Third quarter of 2022
Our Attitudes

Third quarter of 2022

 From July 10 to September 30

July 10, 2022

Al-Abadi: The anniversary of the liberation of Mosul is an epic for Iraqi patriotism

I congratulate the people of Iraq on the fifth anniversary of the liberation of Mosul, and have mercy on the righteous martyrs who made glory to the nation of Iraq.

The day of the liberation of Mosul is an epic for Iraqi patriotism, which demonstrated its strength and victory over the black terrorism and the remnants of the Baath and followers of greedy agendas in the land of Iraq. Iraqi patriotism will not die, and just as it defeated terrorism, it will win all the battles for unity, identity and future.

We inspire from this day, victory and elevation, and that clarity of vision, holiness of purpose, steadfastness, sacrifice and rational management are the foundations by which and through we win the battles of existence, no matter how prolonged evil and great challenges.

On this Iraq Day, I call on all political forces to overcome their differences for the sake of Iraq. I encourage them to create hope for the people of Iraq. The true leadership is the one that sees no honor and interest for itself except through the pride and interests of its people.

A salute to our forces of all kinds, eternity to the martyrs who made victory, and glory to Iraq and its people.




July 10, 2022

State Forces Alliance: Our initiative is a rescue and we fear the unknown

Spokeswoman of "Al Nasr Coalition" Ayat Mudhaffar confirmed that the National State Forces Alliance initiative is a rescue for the current political impasse, and aims to restore confidence in the political process, by forming an efficient, balanced and reassuring governance equation for all parties to lead an agreed transitional phase.

Mudhaffar indicated that any service-based and exclusionary governance equation would not succeed, and would lead the entire political system to the unknown, and that the National State Forces Alliance would not be with it.




July 11, 2022

The National State Forces Alliance: A transitional phase and a moderate government are necessary for those who want to preserve the political system

The spokesman of "Al Nasr Coalition", Saad al-Lami, stressed the two most important pillars of the "National State Forces Alliance" initiative, which are (A transitional phase and a moderate government), and that they are necessary for those who want to preserve the political system, amid boycott and objection by important political forces.

Al-Lami pointed out that the "National State Forces Alliance" is with national solidarity, and strongly opposes any exclusion or marginalization of active forces in the political scene, considering this another recipe for failure that the political system cannot bear its repercussions.




July 12, 2022

The State Forces Alliance: Any wrong governance equation will lead to chaos

The spokesman of "Al Nasr Coalition" Ahmed Al-Wandi indicated that the initiative of the "National State Forces Alliance" represents the vision and political will of the coalition forces, and its goal is to manage a transitional phase led by a government with wide support, which performs its tasks professionally and impartially.

Al-Wandi stressed that any wrong governance equation that is not in line with the complexities of reality and the size of the challenges will necessarily lead to chaos.




July 14, 2022

Al Nasr Coalition: We welcome Iraq's international regional integration and warn against bias

The spokesman of "Al Nasr Coalition" Ahmed Al-Wandi confirmed that we welcome any integration with the regional and international environment, but we warn against taking sides and dragging Iraq into geopolitical fronts at the expense of its sovereignty and neutrality.

Al-Wandi pointed out that Iraq is the center of the region’s balance, and balance is achieved by a strong and conscious management of conflicting agendas and interests and the achievement of Iraq’s higher interests, and it cannot be achieved by playing the role of a waiter or considering Iraq a meeting table, and whoever has the decision must be aware of the difference.




July 20, 2022

Al Nasr Coalition: Turkish bombing of Dohuk is a condemned crime

"Al Nasr Coalition" condemns the Turkish bombing of a resort in the city of Dohuk, which led to the death and injury of dozens of civilians, and considers it a crime and aggression against our people, and holds the Turkish government fully responsible in accordance with international laws and norms.

"Al Nasr Coalition" calls on the Iraqi government to submit a formal complaint and request an urgent session of the Security Council, to put the international community in front of its responsibilities in the face of the continuing Turkish violations to the sovereignty of Iraq and its people.

"Al Nasr Coalition" demands the government and political and societal forces to make a unified and strong national stance to respond to Turkish violations.




July 30, 2022 AD

Allah said:

[Come to a word that is just ]

On the basis of legitimate and national responsibility, we call on the leaders to dialogue and agreement, that Iraq, its security and the interests of its sons be the common word for which we must dedicate ourselves, in order to save us from temptation and slips.

I hope from all the brothers and the blocs, to adopt the language of dialogue and to give priority to the national interest over all differences that may afflict the security and stability of the country.

From this standpoint, we declare our readiness to bring our brothers closer together to get out of the crisis, and to keep the country and citizens away from any strife, God forbids.

God and the homeland behind the intent.




July 31, 2022

Al Nasr Coalition: On June 22, we put forward a rescue initiative, and it was not taken care of

We inform public opinion that we put forward on June 22, through the “Alliance of National State Forces,” a comprehensive and rescue initiative for the current crisis, based in essence on considering the next phase as transitional, ending with new elections, and forming a valid and moderate governance equation that enjoys the approval of the participating and non-participating forces, to ensure that the current crisis is overcome, but unfortunately it was not taken care of.

Today, we renew the call for all political blocs to form a committee authorized by all parties to agree on a "road map" to end the current crisis, in the service of the supreme national interests.





August 4, 2022

Al Nasr Coalition: We called for new elections and we demand a clear roadmap

Ahmed Al-Wandi, the spokesman for "Al Nasr Coalition" confirmed that our Coalition realized from the beginning the seriousness of the crisis, and launched several initiatives, the last of which was a comprehensive initiative on June 22, 2022, which called for a transitional phase ends with new elections, and it meets what was stated in Mr. Al-Sadr's speech to hold early elections.

Al-Wandi indicated that Al Nasr calls for a national dialogue through which constitutional solutions are agreed upon to manage the next phase, and according to a clear roadmap that leads to new, just and fair elections, and a sound and sober democratic stage that enhances the public's confidence in its political system.

The spokesman for "Al Nasr Coalition" confirmed that Dr. Haider al-Abadi was with containing the crisis from the beginning, and all his initiatives emphasized solutions, not creating obstacles.

And that the parties that do not want a solution, or are committed to its solutions, are pushing the country into the abyss, and we are not with this approach. The approach of "Al Nasr" is dialogue, moderation and compromise, and the priority is always the interests of the people and the stability and development of the state.




August 6, 2022

Al Nasr Coalition: Freedoms and rights are indivisible throughout Iraq

Al Nasr Coalition affirms that rights and freedoms are one and equal for all Iraqis, and they are indivisible throughout Iraq, at the forefront the civil rights, the right to demonstrate, and the peaceful expression of demands. Accordingly, Al Nasr rejects any suppression to the demonstrators and confiscating their civil liberties. And that it is the right of all Iraqis and in every part of Iraq, including Kurdistan, to demand their rights and to express them peacefully.




August 24, 2022

Al-Abadi: My hope is great for the wise men of the country to find a national solution that preserves the state, its system and its people

In these days of the history of our national entity, inheriting the historical Iraq, we affirm that Iraq has not and will not die, and that this history-making land is always reborn and renewed, and whenever it relapses, it is reborn with the vigor of its people.

Today, our national state is experiencing a serious and new crisis that is resulted from the October 10, 2021 elections and from the political blockage that developed into a contradiction between the political parties that threatened its political system and the smoothness of the state’s action and its institutions in serving the citizens, which necessitates concerted efforts by all to come out of the crisis in order to preserve the people and the state.

What is required today is calm, dialogue and agreement on an acceptable and legitimate roadmap to end the crisis, on the basis of considering the current stage as a stage that establishes a new constitutional stage, adopting reform and change in the body of the system and the performance of its institutions, to ensure the validity and effectiveness of the system led by the state and serving the people, and prepare for new fair elections with broad participation in order to express the will of the citizens.

My hope is high of the wisdom and responsibility of the faithful to find a national solution that preserves the state, its system and its people from slips and disasters.




August 31, 2022

Al Nasr Coalition: We call for zeroing the crisis and agreeing on a two-stage road map

After the tragic and painful events of August 29-30, in which martyrs and wounded were fallen and the heart of the country was deeply affected, "Al Nasr Coalition" surrounds the public opinion and the concerned forces with its vision for dealing with the crisis.

1-The political forces must put an end to the crisis, turn the page on the catastrophic events of August 29-30, 2022 and before, and proceed seriously and constructively to draw the stages of a national, constitutional solution agreed upon by all parties, with quick time limits, away from the mentality of the victor, the spirit of hatred and breaking wills, as all are brothers of a homeland and fate partners.

2-Any solution must be translated by a clear roadmap that is agreed upon by all, based on legitimate constitutional, legal and institutional rules. To achieve it, dialogue, positive spirit, joint responsibility, lowering the ceilings of demands, and adopting mutual concessions must be pursued, in the service of the public interest.

3-We see the need to agree on a roadmap in two phases. The first phase is to resolve the current crisis in a way that ends the existing blockage, and the second phase is to agree on broad lines for reforming the political system so that it can overcome its own barriers, and be efficient, valid and capable of managing the state.

4-We renew our vision, which we put forward on June 22, 2022, that the next phase should be considered transitional, agreed upon its duration, ending with new, fair, early elections whose laws and mechanisms are agreed upon, and forming a new government subject to agreement between all parties, whose main task is to facilitate the affairs of the state and prepare for fair elections that establish a sound constitutionality stage.

5-The constitutional stage resulting from the upcoming early elections should adopt reform and change in the political life and the political system in order to avoid repeating crises. Without bold and real reforms to everything that is wrong and corrupt, there is no hope for a better system that can carry out the tasks of the state politically, security, economically and sovereignly.




September 13, 2022

Al Nasr Coalition: Al-Abadi is with a balanced political deal that combines what the framework and Al Tayar want, and within a constitutional national agreement

The spokesman of "Al Nasr Coalition" Ahmed Al-Wandi confirmed that Dr. Haider Al-Abadi's vision was and still is with finding a balanced political deal that combines what the framework and Al Tayar want together and within a national constitutional agreement to resolve the crisis, and does not believe in the politics of dominance and breaking the will, because they lead to war and chaos, or perpetuate the crisis, which is what some seek.

Al-Wandi pointed out that Abadi’s visions and positions are clear and announced since the beginning of the crisis, and they do not come to gain a privilege, to score a point, or as a reaction to a position or statement here or there. And whoever is surprised is either not informed and not keeping pace with his positions, or he is fishing in murky water.

 Al-Abadi is a moderate politician, and wherever he is positioned he will not abandon moderation as a political line to deal with crises and to serve the country's higher interests.




September 17, 2022

Al Nasr Coalition: We did and still support a political settlement that includes the framework, Al Tayar and the national forces

Ahmed Al-Wandi, spokesman for "Al Nasr Coalition" confirmed that "Al Nasr" was and still is with the launch of a serious and responsible dialogue to resolve the political impasse, leading to a political settlement that includes Al Tayar, the framework and the rest of the national forces, and as a constitutional national solution that organizes the transitional phase leading to early and fair elections.

Al-Wandi pointed out that the serious and balanced initiatives put forward by Dr. Al-Abadi annoyed some who live on crises, and that is why we see a violent and immoral attack launched by the electronic armies of the enemies of solutions and crisis makers, and that "Al Nasr" knows their motives and those behind them, and its political ethics refuse to respond to them, and that the most important thing for Al-Abadi and Al Nasr is to resolve the crisis and get the country out of the path of no solution, in the service of the interests of the people and the state.




September 19, 2022

Al Nasr Coalition informs the public opinion that:

1-We work on and support any dialogue and rapprochement between the political forces to end the crisis of political obstruction. The success and failure of the state to serve the citizen is an act of solidarity.

2-We have nothing new regarding the candidate for prime ministry, and the rumored positions and counter-positions led by "electronic armies" come to pass agendas and special interests that have nothing to do with resolving the crisis and avoiding blockage and chaos.

3-Dr. Al-Abadi's initiatives always emphasize the necessity of adopting the correct path to resolve the crisis, regardless of the name of the candidate for prime ministry. The most important thing is the agreement of the political parties on a road map to end the political impasse and bring the country out of the crisis. This is what we always work on, whether inside the coordination framework or with others.

4-Disagreements between political forces should not focus on the best candidate for the interests of these forces or those, but rather how to rule and according to what valid and possible criteria the current stage and the foreseeable future will be managed. This is what the public expects from its national forces.

5-The duty of the forces concerned with the state today is to work to produce a constitutional political settlement that creates the appropriate conditions for early elections that restore legitimacy to the political process among the citizens, not the struggle over the positions of the state, whatever they are.




September 30, 2022

Al Nasr Coalition: We condemn the continued Iranian-Turkish violation of Iraqi sovereignty

Al Nasr Coalition condemns the ongoing Iranian-Turkish violations of Iraqi sovereignty, and holds them legally responsible for the aggression, the fall of martyrs, the intimidation of the population, and the violation of Iraq's sanctity.

Al Nasr Coalition warns that these practices will harm inter-relations, and cannot establish constructive relations, and will increase tension and harmful reactions to bilateral relations.

Al Nasr Coalition demands the government and all Iraqi forces to unite to preserve the people and interests of Iraq against any aggression, threat or violation to its sovereignty, and to remove the excuses of states not to allow any illegal or armed presence that states invoke to violate our sovereignty and intimidate our people.