Al Nasr Coalition informs the public opinion that:
Statements and Initiatives

Al Nasr Coalition informs the public opinion that:

1-We work on and support any dialogue and rapprochement between the political forces to end the crisis of political obstruction. The success and failure of the state to serve the citizen is an act of solidarity.

2-We have nothing new regarding the candidate for prime ministry, and the rumored positions and counter-positions led by "electronic armies" come to pass agendas and special interests that have nothing to do with resolving the crisis and avoiding blockage and chaos.

3-Dr. Al-Abadi's initiatives always emphasize the necessity of adopting the correct path to resolve the crisis, regardless of the name of the candidate for prime ministry. The most important thing is the agreement of the political parties on a road map to end the political impasse and bring the country out of the crisis. This is what we always work on, whether inside the coordination framework or with others.

4-Disagreements between political forces should not focus on the best candidate for the interests of these forces or those, but rather how to rule and according to what valid and possible criteria the current stage and the foreseeable future will be managed. This is what the public expects from its national forces.

5-The duty of the forces concerned with the state today is to work to produce a constitutional political settlement that creates the appropriate conditions for early elections that restore legitimacy to the political process among the citizens, not the struggle over the positions of the state, whatever they are.