First quarter of 2022
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First quarter of 2022

From January 18 to March 12

January 18, 2022

Al Nasr Coalition: The statement attributed to the former Minister of Water Resources is paid

Saad Al-Lami, the member of the Al Nasr Coalition, confirmed that the statement attributed to the former Minister of Water Resources, Mohsen Al-Shammari, is paid, as it totally contradicts the truth, and comes at a time that serves the political agenda of some.

Al-Lami confirmed that the company to which the maintenance of the Mosul Dam was referred is an Italian company, and it is one of the three major international companies specialized in dams, and the Ministry of Water Resources recommended this company, but an investigation took place because the minister at that time met secretly with the company in Beirut, and there were accusations that he asked for a bribe, by giving a sub-tender to a company affiliated to the minister, but the international company refused, which prompted Al-Abadi to remove the minister's hand from the project, and give the authority to sign to the agent "who is the current Minister of Water Resources". Al-Abadi questioned the minister in an official meeting about the reason for his visit to Beirut and the meeting with the company instead of meeting it in Baghdad, and the minister did not have an answer, and his resignation was later accepted.




March 6, 2022

Brothers in the leadership and cadres of the National Hikma Movement

Al Nasr Coalition congratulates all of you on the successful convening of the second general conference of your general body, and the election of your new political office with a transparent organizational mechanism that deserves to be commended.

We congratulate His Eminence Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim for renewing his brothers’ confidence in him from the cadres of Al Hikma and for his election to the presidency and leadership of the movement during the next stage in the history of our beloved country.

We all hope that "Al Hikma Movement" will witness a wide and active presence in the national arena, due to its patriotism and moderation that represents a factor of balance and equation in Iraqi politics.

We hope that our relationship at all levels with you and the other active parties will reach a more mature relationship based on loyalty to Iraq and giving priority to the public interest and serving the Iraqi people from all its components.




March 12, 2022

We welcome any political breakthrough and call for a strong ruling equation

We welcome any breakthrough and agreement between the political forces to end the current stalemate.

We affirm that the reality of the state, its obligations, and the challenges it faces, require everyone to take care of the governance equation, not who rules and the shares of the parties.

We must work to form a strong, disciplined and solidarity government capable of managing the tasks of governance.

The state's political, economic, and security reality does not bear the continuation of a fragile, servile and chaotic administration of government, and we must not forget the magnitude of the regional and international economic and security turmoil, and its direct repercussions on our economy, security and citizens.

The next stage will not tolerate erroneous interpretations, administrative primitiveness, conflicting policies, and the continuation of subsistence on the state or risking it.