Al Nasr Coalition: Iraq should not play the role of  waiter  regionally
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Al Nasr Coalition: Iraq should not play the role of waiter regionally

The member of "Al Nasr Coalition" Ali Al-Suneed affirmed that "Al Nasr Coalition" welcomes the convening of the "Regional Neighborhood" conference and supports any effort to consolidate stability, cooperation, and peace in the region, which will reflect positively on all peoples.

Al-Suneed demanded who has the decision today, to be aware of the accuracy of the international regional equation to achieve Iraq's interests according to balanced, wise, and strong calculations at the same time.

Iraq is not a “table” for a deaf meeting, and it is wrong to practice politics through the “role of the waiter.” Iraq has strategic power cards with which it can lead the region to stability or chaos, and the countries of the region must be well aware of Iraq’s role and choose between a strong Iraq that balances the conflict of strategies, and a weak and dependent Iraq that will inevitably drag the countries of the region into conflict and chaos.

The Iraqi decision-makers must be aware of the importance of the Iraqi role, and not give in to the political role of the "waiter".

Al-Suneed pointed out that Dr. Haider Al-Abadi was the first to break Iraq's regional and international isolation, starting from a position of strength and not the role of the "political waiter", by adopting the theory of "central Iraq" and not Iraq that is dependent, biased, or beggar.