Al-Abadi presents the “National Mobilization” initiative and invites the government and political forces to a dialogue table to discuss and adopt it
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Al-Abadi presents the “National Mobilization” initiative and invites the government and political forces to a dialogue table to discuss and adopt it

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


With the increasing friction, the approaching elections, and in commitment to national responsibility, Dr. Haider Al-Abadi announces the (National Mobilization) initiative of the Popular Mobilization, and calls on the government and political forces to discuss and adopt it to solve the existing problems, and to agree on the rules for dealing with this file, in order to prevent the situation from going to developments that do not serves the stability and security of the state and the interests of its people.

Foundations of the initiative:


1-The Popular Mobilization is an honorable national fighting force that has contributed and is contributing to the battles of liberation and salvation from ISIS terrorism. It is a fighting force legitimized by decisions of the House of Representatives and the government.


2-The survival of the Popular Mobilization is a necessity, as it is a strategic force for the nation and the state. Accordingly, the attempts to dissolve the Popular Mobilization must be rejected, demonizing, criminalizing, and blaming the Mobilization for the projections of others must be rejected as well.


3-Refusal to strike the Popular Mobilization, or to involve it in internal battles, or to harness it for the benefit of regional and international agendas, as it is an Iraqi protection force that defends the existence and interests of Iraq's land and people. It is not permissible to endanger its existence by engaging it in the conflict of international regional strategies, and by making it pay the bill for the conflict of interests internally, regionally and internationally.


4-During the government of Dr. Haider al-Abadi, the Mobilization was institutionalized and its work was legalized that it is a fighting force committed to the state's systems and contexts. The aim is to preserve the Mobilization, ensure the legality of its work, preserve its rights and the rights of its affiliates, martyrs and their families, and ensure that it is not used for narrow political and partisan interests, and that the Mobilization remains a legal national fighting force, committed to the contexts of the state, and this is in line with the concept of the state, its structure and sovereignty, and preserves the Mobilization's presence and role. It is required to activate all the items of the mobilization Act, and to obligate everyone to its items.


5-The necessity of separating the Popular Mobilization Forces from those who want to work in their name and employ them for political, partisan or electoral interests, or those who work in their name to obtain gains and privileges, whether from persons, entities, or political entities.




Dr. Haider Al-Abadi requests a dialogue table to discuss this initiative, agree on its foundations, and then codify its outputs, to be binding on all parties, and to end the problems of this file in accordance with Iraqi national interests.