First quarter of 2021
Our Attitudes

First quarter of 2021

From January 6 to March 29

January 6, 2021

Statement by Dr. Haider Al-Abadi on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of establishing the Iraqi army

In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful

With pride and reverence, we recall today the 100th anniversary of establishing our valiant Iraqi army, which has written the most wonderful heroic epics for its country and its people.

On this anniversary, I greet this army, which I fought with, and experienced its suffering and sacrifices in the battles of honor and dignity against ISIS with all the heroic fighters, together we liberated land and humankind, we united the homeland and regained sovereignty.

Greetings to the patriotism and heroism of this army, a mercy on its martyrs, and I am proud to kiss the foreheads of its wounded.

Brave army: Iraq is going through its most dangerous challenges today. Its unity, security, and sovereignty are under existential danger, and the army as a regular national force is required to protect the state and defend its existence, dignity and power.

I call you -the Iraqi army, as I have promised you- to remain a wall for the homeland and not a wall for a sect, party or ruler, you are the guardian of the legitimacy of the state, the protector of law and sovereignty walls, the strength of the state is with your unity, your patriotism, your adherence to the people's hopes and the goals of the state so that we win this challenge as we won before.




January 6, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: The Kurdistan region authorities must abide by the requirements of the state and sovereignty

"Al Nasr Coalition" firmly rejects the Kurdistan region authorities’ step to not recognize the date of January 6 as a holiday for the valiant Iraqi army, and its announcement to not recognize this day is considered an offense to the Iraqi army as it is a federal national army. The entire region is part of the Iraqi state and its authorities, institutions, and sovereignty. We call for an end to this behavior that violates the constitution and the requirements of the federal system.

"Al Nasr Coalition" calls on the authorities of the Kurdistan region to reconsider their political and administrative behavior with the federal state, in order to establish unity, coexistence and national sovereignty that is in the interest of all the people of Iraq despite their religious, national, and sectarian diversity.




January 9, 2021

Ayat Mudhaffar: We regret the American action against Al-Fayyadh and call for neutralizing the security institutions in the conflict of axes

Ayat Mudhaffar, spokeswoman for Al Nasr Coalition, confirmed Al Nasr Coalition's regret for including Mr. Faleh Al-Fayyadh in the list of sanctions by the US Treasury, considering this as part of the US-Iranian conflict on the ground, and attempts to implicate Iraq and draw it into this conflict for their interests, not those of Iraq.

Mudhaffar said, "The acquittal and condemnation of any Iraqi person must be consistent with the requirements of sovereignty. There must also be Iraqi deterrent measures to protect citizens and hold human rights violators accountable for missing the opportunity for external interference".

 She called the Iraqi institutions and their leaders (security in particular) to be neutralized from the conflict of axes, political disputes, political employment, so that they remain as independent security institutions that protect the citizen and not the parties, and to be linked to the state and committed to its policies.




January 10, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: We reject what is happening in Dhi Qar and the track must be corrected

Al Nasr Coalition declares its rejection and denunciation of the continuing bloodshed in Dhi Qar, and considers it a violation of the people's dignity and hopes, the values of the state and the security of society, and calls for a serious pause to reassess and control the situation, and correct the track to achieve the aspirations of the young men and the goals of the state.

Al Nasr Coalition affirms that the legitimacy of the regime is at stake, and demands the government and the political forces to shoulder their responsibilities to bypass the transitional phase with the least damage and in accordance with clear and serious commitments to shift to a permanent phase that fulfills the people's aspirations.




January 21, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: The security breach is dangerous and the government must reassess the situation

"Al Nasr Coalition" expresses its sadness and shock for the suicide bomb attack today in Al-Tayaran Square, which led to the fall of a number of martyrs and wounded.

Since the liberation battles, the file of the suicide attacks has been ended, and with relentless intelligence and security efforts, many violations related to city security have been closed, and it is dangerous to return this way. In this regard, the government must assume its responsibility to stop this security deterioration, and we call on to re-evaluate and arrange its priorities to ensure security and stability.

State security institutions, political forces, and community activists are called today to show solidarity and mobilization to give security and stability the required importance, in order to preserve the country, and to stand against the agendas of sabotage, sedition and dispossession.




February 2, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: With your blood we preserve the unity and dignity of the homeland

"Al Nasr Coalition" condoles the Iraqi people for the martyrdom of a group of Popular Mobilization fighters to face terrorism in Naft Khanna region, and affirms that terrorism will not harm the unity and dignity of this people with the strength of its fighters from the Popular Mobilization Forces and all of its security forces.

Al Nasr confirms the awakening, full readiness, and national solidarity to ensure the final defeat of terrorism.





February 4, 2021

Al Nasr spokesperson: Al Nasr is not a part of the quota system

Ayat Muzaffar, spokesperson of Al Nasr Coalition, confirmed the complete rejection of "Al Nasr" for the despicable quota system at the expense of the professionalism, competence and public service system.

  In this regard, "Al Nasr" denies its relationship with the lists published in the media, which indicated that members of Al Nasr Parliamentary Bloc participated in the list of nominated ambassadors, confirming that the aforementioned were not nominated by "Al Nasr", and they did not belong to it, and that "Al Nasr" is not with the quota system and it supports national competencies in accordance with the state's professional standards.




February 16, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: We condemn the targeting of Erbil and call for state sovereignty

Al Nasr Coalition condemns the dangerous terrorist targeting of Erbil, considers it a violation of state sovereignty, a strike against city security, and a terror to civilians, and demands an urgent and transparent investigation to uncover the perpetrators.

"Al Nasr Coalition" warns of attempts to shuffle the cards and escalate the agendas of confusion to the Iraqi reality, and calls on the country's leaders and state agencies to control the repercussions on the basis of the country's supreme interests.




February 20, 2021

Spokesperson for Al Nasr Coalition: Nujaifi's allegation is paid

Ayat Mudhaffar, the Spokesperson for Al Nasr Coalition, confirmed that Atheel Al-Nujaifi's claim that Dr. Al-Abadi was the one who brought the Turkish forces into Iraq is false and paid.

Mudhaffar said: "Everyone knows that the Turkish forces entered Iraq since the previous regime, and their presence continued in Bashiqa, and that Iraq under the leadership of Dr. Al-Abadi, specifically on December 12, 2015, submitted an official protest to the UN Security Council, against the presence of Turkish forces near the city of Mosul in northern Iraq. The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said at the time that the presence of these forces represents a violation for the sovereignty of Iraq over its lands by Turkey. President Erdogan responded at the time that these forces had existed for a long time and from a prior agreement".

Mudhaffar indicated that Al-Abadi led a regional and international movement, including his move against the Arab League at the time, and he succeeded in issuing a resolution unanimously condemning the presence of Turkish forces, while the agents were defending the presence of these forces.

Mudhaffar confirmed that Al-Abadi is still paying taxes for his patriotism and his defense of the unity and sovereignty of Iraq against the traitors, conspirators, and those who sold and sell Iraq to the foreigner.




February 25, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: The Pope’s visit is an affirmation of the importance of Iraq and a consolidation of peace values ​​against the forces of terror and hatred

"Al Nasr Coalition" welcomes the upcoming visit of His Holiness Pope Francis, and considers it a historic visit that confirms that Iraq is the cradle of religions and civilizations.

Al Nasr sees the meeting of His Holiness Pope Francis with His Eminence Imam Al-Sistani a support to the pioneering role of Al Najaf Al- Ashraf and its role in embodying coexistence and dialogue between religions and civilizations, and consolidating the values ​​of peace between people against the forces of evil, terrorism and hatred.

"Al Nasr Coalition" hopes that official institutions and social bodies will contribute to this historic visit of the great guest to enhance the position of Iraq and its pivot in the region and the world.




February 27, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: We call for a responsible national effort to stop the bloodshed and insecurity

Ayat Mudhaffar, spokesperson for Al Nasr Coalition, affirmed the condemnation of "Al Nasr" for the continued bloodshed and insecurity in Dhi Qar governorate. "Al Nasr" calls for a responsible national effort in which official bodies and popular activists participate to put an end to this deterioration in order to preserve the sanctity of blood, life, and security in the dear Dhi Qar.

Mudhaffar called on everyone to take responsibility, warning against any underestimation of lives and encroachment on property, and for the city to remain captive to abuses and violations.




March 7, 2021

Abadi: Peace depends on the forces of good and the approach of the state

I salute the summit of peace and coexistence between His Eminence Imam Al-Sistani and His Holiness Pope Francis. You have created a historic wave towards the values ​​of goodness, love, and peace. I congratulate the government on considering the sixth of March as an Iraqi national day for tolerance and coexistence, to employ this wave in the service of strengthening our unity and our common destiny.

The good of peoples, the security of states, the prosperity of societies, and the peace of humanity need the tolerant values ​​of heaven and the centrality of spirit, morals, and ideals in our lives as human beings, and they need to give priority to the approach of moderation, dialogue, acceptance of others, and legitimate realization of interests.

Humanity has paid and is still paying dearly for security, peace, and prosperity as a result of wars, occupations, imbalance of justice, widespread hatred, discrimination and misappropriation of rights. Tyrants, despots, and perpetrators have defiled the name of the Great God and destroyed the unity of humanity by the torrent of authoritarian instincts and the outpouring of domination greed.

The sovereignty of the state and the primacy of its approach and objectives is the project that guarantees the achievement of justice, equality, and security for all citizens without discrimination or confiscation of the rights, freedoms, and legitimate aspirations of all nationalities, religions, and sects of Iraq. All the projects of terrorism, violence, imposing will, and bullying society and the state cannot achieve peace, coexistence and prosperity. Citizenship, democracy, and coexistence need a state, as there is nothing outside the state except chaos, injustice, and alienation.

Political leaders should be aware of the lesson from the peace summit between the two symbol of coexistence and love in Najaf. Leaders and elites must break down the walls of sectarianism, corruption, and injustice, and they must give priority to the state and the project of its unity, security, and sovereignty as a national framework that guarantees the achievement of the interests of all. The powers of the region and the world must realize that what they cannot achieve with peace and cooperation will not be gained with war, conspiracy, and manipulation of peoples.




March 13, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: We condemn Albu Dor massacre and call for solidarity to eradicate terrorism

"Al Nasr Coalition" condemns the terror massacre in Albu Dor in Salah al-Din Governorate, and feels sorry for the martyrs, and calls for concerted efforts to eradicate terrorism with determination and firmness.

Al Nasr affirms that this horrific massacre requires the government, society’s activities, and all political forces to join hands to confront black terrorism. With our unity, we defeated terrorism in the past, and we can eradicate it today.

  The state's recovery and strength lies in our solidarity, vigilance and effectiveness against the political, security, and economic challenges facing the country.




March 16, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: Halabja is a blot on the forehead of the Black Baath

Today we recall with pain the memory of the massacre of Halabja, in which hundreds of thousands of Kurdish citizens were killed after being bombed with chemical weapons by the Ba'athist despotic regime in 1988.

Our people cannot forget the enormous taxes it paid as a result of the Ba’ath’s policies, massacres, tyranny, wars and oppression. We must be aware of history and employ its stations so that tyranny will not repeat its action against our people and their hopes.

On this anniversary, we call for national unity and the guarantee of the proper establishment of a just political system that fulfills the aspirations of the people with all its nationalities and sects.

Halabja will remain a stain on the forehead of the Black Baath, and a point of rallying for the achievement of justice, equality, and coexistence.




March 19, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: We reject the term of "constitutional balance" and demand to be canceled

"Al Nasr Coalition" rejects the term of "constitutional balance" that came in Article (6) of the Federal Supreme Court Law, and considers it a dangerous precedent by introducing terms that do not have the constitutional and legal basis, and it legalizes ethno-sectarian quotas in the structure of the state and in the judiciary in particular.

"Al Nasr Coalition" confirms that the term (balance) was mentioned once constitutionally in relation to the armed forces, and no party, including Parliament, has the right to tamper with the constitution.

Al Nasr demands reconsideration of Article (6) of the amended Federal Court Law as it should be consistent with the Iraqi constitution in force.




March 21, 2021

Al Nasr Spokeswoman: We stand by the victims of (the ferry) incident

Ayat Mudhaffar, the spokeswoman for Al Nasr, affirmed that "Al Nasr Coalition" stands alongside the legitimate rights of the families of the victims of (the ferry) in Mosul.

Mudhaffar said: "Today we are evoking the memory of the dire incident of (the ferry), and while we offer condolences to the families of the victims, we affirm that we stand by them and all those with legitimate rights in the country".




March 24, 2021

Al Nasr spokeswoman: We welcome Iraq's cooperation with countries of the region and we demand them to stop interfering

Ayat Mudhaffar, "the spokesperson of Al Nasr Coalition," affirmed that Al Nasr welcomed the cooperation and integration with the countries of the region, to ensure stability and development for all, instead of the agendas of conflict, hatred, and wars.

Mudhaffar indicated that Iraq was and is still the biggest victim of the axes conflict in the region, and it has paid dearly from its security, stability, and development as a result of states interference in its internal affairs, and many countries must realize the danger of continuing their irresponsible policies towards Iraq.

Mudhaffar noted that Iraq seeks cooperation and solidarity, but it does not beg for it as it is not weak, and it has many positive papers and pressure papers that must be used to achieve Iraqi interests and prevent countries which continue their policies that violate Iraqi sovereignty.

Mudhaffar concluded by affirming that the national memory preserves all the positive and negative attitudes of states towards Iraq.




March 25, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: We call for a serious national initiative towards the state's crises

"Al Nasr Coalition" believes that any action outside the framework of the state and its institutions is unacceptable, and will lead to more national fragmentation, the division of the state, the loss of its prestige and will harm the interests of citizens.

Al Nasr affirms that objecting to government performance, and even changing the government, is permissible and natural in the norm of democratic regimes, but within the frameworks of the constitution, law, institutions, and the public interest.

Al Nasr indicates that it is not in the interest of the state and the people to continue the political rift and conflicting visions and policies towards the state’s crises. Solidarity is required to solve its crises and face challenges.

Al Nasr calls for a serious national initiative to come up with a framework for a political agreement to unify visions and positions and find solutions to the major crises of the state, politically, economically and sovereignly, in accordance with the rules of the constitution and national interests, given that building the state is a solidarity task in which all the institutions and forces of the people participate.




March 29, 2021

Al Nasr's initiative to safeguard freedom of opinion and speech

Al Nasr Coalition submits to the House of Representatives a proposed law to cancel the text of Articles 225 and 226 of the Penal Act No. 111 of 1969, in order to cancel the texts that contradict the freedom of opinion and expression stipulated in the constitution of the Republic of Iraq.


Proposed Law to amend the Penal Act No. 111 of 1969:

Article 1

The text of Articles 225 and 226 of the Penal Act No. 111 of 1969 must be repealed.

Article 2

This law will be effective once it is published in the formal newspaper.


The necessary reasons:

In order to repeal texts that conflict with freedom of opinion and speech stipulated in the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq of 2005, this law was enacted.


Below is the text of Articles 225 and 226 of the Penal Act No. 111 of 1969:

Article 225

Whoever insults the President of the Republic, or who takes his place, by any method of publicity, Shall be punished by imprisonment for a period not exceeding seven years or by jail.

Article 226

Whoever insults the National Assembly, the government, the courts, the armed forces, or other statutory bodies, public authorities, departments, or official or semi-official departments, shall be punished with imprisonment for a period not exceeding seven years, or with jail or a fine.