Al Nasr Coalition delegation concludes an expanded visit to Kirkuk governorate

Al Nasr Coalition delegation concludes an expanded visit to Kirkuk governorate

Today, Al Nasr Coalition delegation concluded its visit to Kirkuk, which came at the request of the nobles, Sheikhs, and young men of the province.

The delegation headed by Sheikh Nouri Al-Enezi, Officer of the Societal Coordination, included a number of the Coalition members from the electoral office, peaceful coexistence, women and media office.

The delegation was received with a wide welcome and on more than one level, starting with the host of Sheikh Muyassar Al-Jubouri with the presence of tribal and academic personalities, civil activists, journalists, and from all nationalities of the province, then the host of dignitaries and sheikhs of the Arabs of Kirkuk, the host of Sheikh Saleh Abdul Hamdani and the host of the General Sheikh of Albu Mafraj tribe, Sheikh Muhammad Ibrahim Al-Mafraji.

An expanded meeting was also held with the Branch Office for students and young men Organization.

The meetings included discussing many issues that concern the citizen of Kirkuk, reviewing the political and economic challenges the people of the governorate face, preparing to participate in the upcoming elections, and educating about its importance for the city, whose elites see that the "State First" project implemented by Dr. Haider al-Abadi, during his tenure, must return to their city to serve all of its components, including Arabs, Kurds, and Turkmens.

The visit also included meeting with academic and young personalities of all nationalities, who expressed their desire to provide support for Al Nasr Coalition project in building state institutions in accordance with the principle of justice and equal rights for all.