Name and Definition
Who Are We?

Name and Definition

Al Nasr National Coalition

Al Nasr adopts a comprehensive national project for the Iraqi state, with declared visions and programs.

Al Nasr consists of a group of representatives in the elected councils (Al Nasr Coalition), and of the masses affiliated to it. It includes blocs, civil organizations, and influential national personalities, as it is a national trend that is more general than being a party or parliamentary bloc.

Al Nasr unifies with the symbolism and leadership of Dr. Haider Al-Abadi, it adopts general coordinators and subsidiary offices to manage its activities, and it is based on organized group work formats with its projects and policies.

Al Nasr National Movement exercises work at all levels, political, media and societal, opens to all segments of society, cooperates with all benevolent national forces, and targets good governance to run the country.