Al Nasr Coalition: We call for zeroing the crisis and agreeing on a two-stage road map
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Al Nasr Coalition: We call for zeroing the crisis and agreeing on a two-stage road map

After the tragic and painful events of August 29-30, in which martyrs and wounded were fallen and the heart of the country was deeply affected, "Al Nasr Coalition" surrounds the public opinion and the concerned forces with its vision for dealing with the crisis.

1-The political forces must put an end to the crisis, turn the page on the catastrophic events of August 29-30, 2022 and before, and proceed seriously and constructively to draw the stages of a national, constitutional solution agreed upon by all parties, with quick time limits, away from the mentality of the victor, the spirit of hatred and breaking wills, as all are brothers of a homeland and fate partners.

2-Any solution must be translated by a clear roadmap that is agreed upon by all, based on legitimate constitutional, legal and institutional rules. To achieve it, dialogue, positive spirit, joint responsibility, lowering the ceilings of demands, and adopting mutual concessions must be pursued, in the service of the public interest.

3-We see the need to agree on a roadmap in two phases. The first phase is to resolve the current crisis in a way that ends the existing blockage, and the second phase is to agree on broad lines for reforming the political system so that it can overcome its own barriers, and be efficient, valid and capable of managing the state.

4-We renew our vision, which we put forward on June 22, 2022, that the next phase should be considered transitional, agreed upon its duration, ending with new, fair, early elections whose laws and mechanisms are agreed upon, and forming a new government subject to agreement between all parties, whose main task is to facilitate the affairs of the state and prepare for fair elections that establish a sound constitutionality stage.

5-The constitutional stage resulting from the upcoming early elections should adopt reform and change in the political life and the political system in order to avoid repeating crises. Without bold and real reforms to everything that is wrong and corrupt, there is no hope for a better system that can carry out the tasks of the state politically, security, economically and sovereignly.