Second quarter of 2022
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Second quarter of 2022

From April 9 to June 25

April 9, 2022

His Eminence Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, may God bless him...

On the anniversary of the passing away of the great deceased of Iraq, His Eminence, Hojjat al-Islam and Muslims, Mr. Abdul Aziz al-Hakim (may God bless his soul), I extend to you and the great family of Al-Hakim, my sincerest condolences.

With the passing of Mr. Abdul Aziz al-Hakim, we have lost a banner of jihad, a national ideal, and one of the edifices of high values.

The late had devoted his life to getting rid of the yoke of tyranny, and working for a free and proud Iraq, he was distinguished by his rational plan, wise vision, and national policies of solidarity.

To his soul mercy and immortality




May 6 2022

Dr. Al-Abadi offers his condolences to Al-Amiri on the death of the Assistant Secretary-General of Badr Organization Abdul Karim Al-Ansari

Dear Brother Hadi Al-Amiri,

With great sadness and sincere regret, we received the news of Abdul Karim Al-Ansari's departure, may God bless him with his vast mercy.

We extend to you, all the brothers in Badr Organization, and to the family of the deceased, his relatives and his fans, our sincerest condolences and solace, to the great deceased, mercy and sympathy.

"And we belong to Allah, and indeed to Him we will return".




May 9, 2022

His Eminence Sheikh Sattar Jabbar Helou...

I congratulate you for being elected as head of the "Sabean-Mandaean" sect in Iraq and the world, and I wish you and the honorable community all the success and good luck.

Iraq is your homeland, as it is the homeland of all its sects and ethnicities. We must make citizenship, justice and coexistence the foundations of our political system, so that all Iraqis can enjoy stability, goodness and prosperity.




May 29, 2022

Dear Mr. Bafel Talabani…

I congratulate you on for being chosen as president of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, and I am confident of your promising leadership for the Union's march towards achieving its goals.

Today's political forces have major national responsibilities to preserve the state and achieve the interests of the people of all nationalities and sects.

We call you and all the national forces for more solidarity and joint action to achieve the legitimate goals of our people in security, stability and prosperity.




June 1, 2022

Honorable Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament, Mr. Nabih Berri…

I congratulate you for being re-elected as Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament, wishing you good luck and success.

I hope that Lebanon will witness stability and prosperity, and that Iraqi-Lebanese relations will flourish for the good of the two brotherly peoples.

Our countries and region need more than ever the spirit of national reconciliation and regional solidarity, to ensure the realization of the interests of our peoples, amid the unprecedented incursion of global crises.

Adopting wisdom, compromise, and giving priority to public interests, will help our countries overcome their internal crises and external challenges.




June 1, 2022

Mr. Ali Bapir, the respected head of the Kurdistan Justice Group

I congratulate you, the leadership, frameworks and organizations of the "Kurdistan Justice Group" on the occasion of the twenty-first anniversary of the announcement of founding the group, wishing you the best.

Our country is going through a fateful phase that threatens its entity, its system and its honorable people, which requires mobilizing all the exceptional energies and efforts of its benevolent political forces to create effective solutions to its political, economic and sovereign crises.

I hope that national solidarity will prevail to realize the people's hopes for a free and dignified life.




June 5, 2022

With sadness and sorrow, Al Nasr Coalition mourns Captain Haider Abdul Razzaq Al-Hasani, who passed away in the early hours, today, Sunday, as a result of a sinful attack in Al-Qadisiyah district stadium in Baghdad. He was subsequently transferred to the hospital, where he died four days later from his injuries. May God bless him with his vast mercy and place him in his vast gardens.

The deceased was an upright patriot, believing in God, and a hero who raised the name of Iraq high when he was one of the players of the Iraqi national football team that won the Asian Nations Cup in 2007.

With this great loss, Al Nasr Coalition offers its condolences to the family of the deceased, his relatives, friends, fans, the sports community, and the fans of the Al Nasr Coalition, as the deceased was one of its members and candidates in previous elections.

To Allah we belong and to Him we shall return""




June 17, 2022

Al-Abadi to the writers of Iraq: Your role is fundamental to building society, reforming the system, and preserving Iraq’s rank

Dr. Haider Al-Abadi congratulated Dr. Ali Al-Fawaz for being elected as President of the General Union of Iraqi Writers, and the rest of the governing body members.

Dr. Al-Abadi confirmed in the congratulatory telegram that the fundamental transformations in our society and our state essentially require the intellectual and cultural production of writers and authors. Societal structures will be incomplete and distorted without injecting visions, concepts, ideas and aesthetics that are capable of formulating the value and civilization contents of society.

Dr. Al-Abadi stressed the basic role of writers in building society, reforming the system, and preserving Iraq's rank as a productive country for thought and creativity.




June 24, 2022

The initiative of The National State Forces Alliance for the next stage


1- The Iraqi reality today is very complex, dangerous and open-ended, and it is neither controlled nor coherent. And the actors in it are many, they are conflicting to the point of contradiction, and any new failure this time will lead to unconventional scenarios.

2- The real challenge is not in the formation of any governance equation, but rather in its type that is able to maintain it, and staying here is related to the nature of the factors producing the governance equation, and to the ability of the governance equation to deal with the various challenges by their nature and actors.


1- Assuming the crisis is over and working with the mentality of victory, is a mistake. (The crisis is coming).

2- Building the future on the basis of the present fords of disagreement, conflict and dealing, and the next on the basis of a permanent constitutional stage, is a mistake. (An exclusionary governance equation will deepen the sense of loss and injustice).

3- Producing the formula of the upcoming ruling on a factional, personal, narrow or adventurous basis, and not taking into consideration the struggles, repercussions and reactions of the influential forces, is a mistake. (Governance is an equation of interests, and politics is to achieve the interest with the least losses).

4- Not adopting and supporting “collectively” the upcoming governance equation and not making sure that it is qualitative, serious and “amazing”, is wrong. (A governance equation is capable of restoring the confidence of the political forces, reassuring the street and achieving a qualitative achievement, even at a minimum)

5- Rigidity or flexibility in managing the stage is a mistake. Rigidity alone leads to contradiction and refraction, and flexibility alone leads to weakness and loss. (Strength and flexibility are required with wisdom, discretion, responsibility and determination at the same time, in dealing with thorny and dangerous files).

6- Relying on the international community alone is wrong, because it does not provide solutions, as the world is preoccupied with itself. Ignoring its convictions is also not right. (We need plans, projects and local visions to succeed and continue to implement them and not vacillate and falter, and able to win the confidence of the world).

7- Betting on academic knowledge only and ignoring leadership ability and crisis management is wrong. (To confront and manage crises, we need leadership with vision, experience, will and realistic ability to make the state project a success and save the system).

Pillars of Governance Equation

First/ the Principles Adopted By the Governance Equation

1- There is no winner or loser, everyone wins.

2- Painful compromises while maintaining principles.

3- Neutralize the next stage.

4- Transitioning the next stage.

5- Relay the major controversial files.

6- Collective management.


Second/ the Governance Equation

1- Considering the next phase as transitional, ending with new elections, the duration of which is agreed upon.

2- Forming a balanced and moderate governance equation, a place of regional and international acceptance, and a place of reassurance for the participating and non-participating political forces in the government, in order to ensure the unity of the national ranks.

3- The basic functions of the next governance is to manage the transitional phase that ends with new elections, to restore the street’s confidence in the political system, and to ensure qualitative achievements regarding files of corruption, security, services or sovereignty.

4- A reassuring (and attractive) declaration of principles internally and externally by the forces that make up the government, for important and thorny issues, and as a support for the government.

Third/ Specifications of Governance Leadership

1- Academic and political qualifications associated with experience, competence, integrity and practical experiment.

2- A leadership that represents a state of reassurance for the participating and non-participating political forces in the government.

3- National neutrality on the basis of impartiality and political equilibrium.

4- Regional and international acceptability, to ensure a supportive environment and climate.

5- The government's unbiased performance by any political party, with written commitments.

6- Commitment to a political reference for the government that determines general policy and strategic issues.




June 25, 2022

Al Nasr Coalition: The initiative of the National State Forces Alliance re-establishes legitimacy for the political process

Al Nasr Coalition confirms that the goal of the initiative of the National State Forces Alliance is to re-establish the legitimacy of the political process that was damaged by the election battles, parliamentary withdrawals and political blockage, and that the establishment of a four-year governance phase according to this reality does not lead to stability and progress of the political system, and will keep the governance equation fragile, anxious and likely to collapse at any moment.

Al Nasr notes that what is required is the production of a governance equation capable of survival, success and serving the people, which requires an unchallenged electoral process, and a streamlining of the formation of executive and parliamentary structures, which were not achieved in the light of the 2021 elections and their aftermath. And that the National State Forces Alliance believes that establishing a governance equation on the basis of skepticism, exclusion, rivalry and political quotas will deepen the crisis of the political system. This necessitates reconsideration and realization of the political will for a legitimate and sound initiation line for the next phase of governance in order to succeed in leading the state’s path and performing its functions.