Fourth quarter of 2021
Our Attitudes

Fourth quarter of 2021

From October 7 to December 27

October 7, 2021

Al-Abadi addresses the members of our military and security forces with the beginning of the special vote

In the name of God, the, the merciful, the compassionate

The heroes, the members of our military and security forces, of all kinds and formations…

Peace be on you, the chief of victory, person of dignity, and address of redemption.

Tomorrow, the election process begins, and the special voting begins.

Because of my belief in your national conscience and your Iraqi will, which I experienced with you in the fields of war and peace, I address you today:

1-The state is the trust of God and the people for you, so protect this trust with peace as you protected it in the war.

2-The elections translates the will of the people, so protect its integrity and justice, as you are the people's guardians.

3-Do not take sides with any party or political entity, you are for the people, all the people.

4-Choose those who believe in the state, its unity, justice and sovereignty, your strength and the strength of the people is in the state and nothing else.

5-Know that the state will remain, and its logic will prevail. The state may lose battles, but it wins the war. Just as we won the state’s wars against terrorism, division and sedition, so we will win them against chaos and failure, with your will, the people, and all the good ones.

May God protect you, protectors of the homeland and the people's wall.




October 10, 2021

Al-Abadi: I thank every citizen who participated and voted, and boycott will further urge us to continue on the path of salvation, reform, and construction

I extend my congratulations to our honorable Iraqi people, who today contributed to turning a new page in their history of giving, for their participation in the parliamentary elections.

I thank everyone who contributed to the completion of this national achievement, and every citizen who participated and voted, with our assurance to everyone who boycotted that the boycott will further urge us to continue on the path of rescue, reform, and construction, and reduce the distance between the citizen and the official, in order to reach the highest participation rates in the future.

We hope that the Independent Electoral Commission will continue its work by announcing the results within the specified ceiling, and that it will make every professional and independent effort to make the electoral experience successful during the last stages.

Finally, we pledge to the Iraqi people, through (The Alliance of National State Forces), that we will live up to their good faith in us, and we will make our utmost efforts to fulfill what we promised them, with the help and strength of God Almighty.





October 14, 2021

Al-Abadi: We demand the Commission to resolve the problems that have confused the general situation, and we support all calls for calm and solidarity

We affirm that what is more important than electoral profit and loss is peace and national unity, and the integrity and goodness of the political system that represents the people. Therefore, political alignments that threaten the unity of the people and the integrity of public order are rejected.

We work with everyone to overcome the crisis, and we believe that the state accommodates everyone, and that building or destroying the state is a common responsibility.

We point out that our position from the elections was and still is clear and public, and it is not subject to self-interest, regional benefits, or frontal calculations. Since the start of the October 2019 demonstrations, we have called for early and fair elections to achieve justice and restore the people's confidence in their political system. We blessed holding the elections on 10/10, and at the same time criticized the confusion of the Commission's procedures, which created needless confusion in the country, and created a reality marred by the unfortunate escalation.

We support all calls for calm and solidarity, and we are working to find a ground that can reassure all parties. We renew the call for the High Electoral Commission to resolve the problems that emerged in the electoral process and confused the general situation.

Gaining the people's confidence in their electoral system is the most important, to ensure gaining their confidence in the political system that is intended to run the country.




October 16, 2021

On this day, October 16, 2017, Dr. Haider al-Abadi gave an orders to the Iraqi Forces to enter Kirkuk governorate and the disputed areas to impose law, without shedding a single drop of blood, after it was a political deal that corrupt people traded with, as the oil fields in the governorate were controlled after the corrupt have been controlling it for years.

Dr. Al-Abadi appointed a new governor to the city after its governor fled. Not only that, but Dr. Al-Abadi took other decisions, including reducing the region’s proportion of the budget to 12%, similar to the rest of the Iraqi governorates and according to population ratios. Dr. Al-Abadi also banned international flights to and from Erbil and Sulaymaniyah airports, until the region submits to handing over the administration of the federal authority with all border crossings in the region according to the constitution.

Dr. Al-Abadi also sent committees from the Federal Financial Supervision and the Integrity Commission to audit the region’s employees to hand them salaries, thousands of fake employees were discovered, and this was the first time that committees from the federal government enter the region for the purpose of auditing since 1991, the correct salaries have been paid to our citizens in the region.




October 24, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: It is required to remove objections to the elections from the sectarian area to the national space

We make it clear to the public opinion that the goal of today’s national meeting is to remove objections to the electoral process from the sectarian area to the national space, with the aim of giving visions and processors to remedy the current crisis, and to ensure the continuation of the democratic process within tracks that meet the integrity of the system and represent the people.

We stress that the goal of the coordination framework and the national meeting is not to create a political alliance or to form the largest bloc or to exclude any political party, but rather to find a national dialogue to study ways to end the crisis.




October 27, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: Security is a priority and everyone must unite to defeat terrorism

Al Nasr Coalition condemns the terrorist attack on Al-Muqdadiya, which led to the death and wounding of dozens of civilians, and feels sorry for the martyrs, calling for governmental and popular solidarity with them at all levels.

The terrorism of ISIS is active in more than one location, and it is a dangerous situation that we warned of its expansion, and we called for making security a priority in the administration of the state, to ensure the preservation of the security and stability that was achieved after crushing ISIS.

We stress once again the need to make the security file a top priority for government action, monitor all capabilities for it, and unite the people, institutions and political forces together to eradicate the remnants of terrorism, and not allow the 2014 conditions to be repeated in any way.




October 28, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: Failure to give acceptable explanations threatens the credibility of the elections

Ahmed Al-Wandi, the member of Al Nasr Coalition, affirmed that electoral victory and loss is normal, as long as the elections is fair, transparent, and credible.

He pointed out that the October elections caused all this confusion due to the emergence of unresolved problems, and the failure to give acceptable explanations threatens the credibility of the elections and the consequent authorities.

Al-Wandi said: "How does the Commission explain that large numbers of stations, exceeding 10%, did not automatically close at six o'clock in the evening, and some did not close until days later? And how can it be explained that the invalid papers amounted to more than 900,000 papers, some of them were correct papers when the boxes are opened? What is the explanation for the devices stopping, which prevented many from voting, and not sending the results via the transmission medium, and the commission's having to transfer the boxes to Baghdad?"

The member of Al Nasr Coalition indicated that the National State Forces Alliance submitted an official memorandum to the High Elections Commission and the relevant authorities, included many questions that need technical and professional clarifications away from politicization, to ensure a conviction of the outcomes of the electoral process, stressing that the politicization of this file will enhance suspicion.




23 November 2021

Al-Suneed: Those who object to the election results have the right to object through legal means

The member of Al Nasr Coalition Ali Al-Suneed confirmed that the sound democratic system is biased only to the law and justice, and the law guarantees the right to object to the election results, and those who have legal challenges have the right to exercise their right, to ensure the integrity and fairness of the electoral process, which is the core of the democratic system.

Al-Suneed indicated that it is in everyone's interest to resolve the current crisis, go to dialogue and work together to serve the interests of the people and the state.




23 November 2021

Al Nasr: The demands of the Iraqi public are one, and they are summarized in a just ruling

The member of Al Nasr Coalition Saad al-Lami confirmed that the pain and hopes of the Iraqis are one, and that they have not failed the state by being loyal to it and defending it, and they only want their legitimate rights.

Pointing out that the basic requirement of the Iraqi public is a just government that is able to perform its responsibilities efficiently and impartially.

Al-Lami said: "We are with the legitimate and peaceful demands of the young men of Sulaymaniyah, and with all the people's demands to achieve their hopes for a free and dignified life away from oppression, violence and chaos. The task of building the state and achieving the interests of the people is a solidarity mission".




November 27, 2021

Al Nasr: News that promotes Al-Abadi's movements outside the official media website is not true

"Al Nasr Coalition" surrounds the honorable public opinion, that the news circulated regarding the movements of Dr. Haider Al-Abadi, whether related to a request to meet His Eminence the Supreme Reference or news of heading a delegation to visit the United Nations, is absolutely incorrect.

We note that coverage of all movements, endeavors, and positions of Dr. Al-Abadi is published through his official media websites.

"Al Nasr Coalition" affirms that Dr. Al-Abadi's effort was and will remain focused on the unity of the national ranks and the avoidance of crises that threaten the stability of the country.




December 4, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: ISIS terrorism must stop

Al Nasr Coalition offers its condolences to the families of the victims in Makhmour, as a result of the terrorist attack on ISIS. It is a heavy and painful loss that must not pass without a massive reaction.

We have repeatedly stressed that the security file should take precedence over the rest of the state's files in attention and management, and we reiterate the necessity of mobilizing all national, governmental and popular efforts to crush the remnants of terrorism.

The terrorism of ISIS must stop, and it is a national solidarity mission that must be prepared, coordinated, and monitored permanently.




December 7, 2021

Al-Abadi: We have mercy on the martyrs of Basra, and call for an end to the black terrorism

I condemn in the strongest terms the terrorist act to which Basra al-Fayhaa was subjected, and I have mercy on the martyrs, and I pray to God for the safety for the wounded, and I stress the necessity of putting an end to the black terrorism that is working to undermine our people and our security.

Maintaining security and stability is a joint responsibility, and the government and the local authorities concerned must re-evaluate the plans and management of the security file on the basis of the priority of security, the adoption of the intelligence effort, proactive work, and the eradication of incubators.




December 10, 2021

Al-Abadi on the anniversary of victory: Winning the challenge today lies in overcoming the political division and working with the spirit of one team to serve Iraq

The memory of the great victory today, as Iraq triumphed over the darkness, barbarism, and ISIS strife, and dropped the largest project that almost afflicted it as a state. On December 10, 2017, Iraq was liberated from the clutches of the serviced and supported ISIS project.

Today, I congratulate the Iraqis on the memory of the victory they made with their blood, I greet their will and the sacrifices of their heroic fighters, and I assure that this people is able to overcome adversity no matter how prolonged it may be.

The anniversary of victory passes today, and the country is experiencing political division, an unfortunate return of terrorist operations, and a terrible inflation that paralyzes the livelihood capabilities of citizens. These are new challenges that require all of us to rise to the duty to respond to them, in order to win the state's bet once again.

Winning the challenge today lies in overcoming the political division and working with the spirit of one team to preserve the state, its unity, sovereignty and the well-being of its citizens, through national unity, effective governance, and efficient and impartial administration of the state to serve the Iraqis.




December 27, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: We accept the decision of the Federal Court, in compliance with the constitutional contexts

Al Nasr Coalition announces its acceptance of the Federal Court's decision regarding the 2021 elections.

The Coalition affirms that the basis of the electoral and political process is that it is based on constitutional and legal contexts, and therefore, despite our reservations about many of the procedures that accompanied the electoral process and the work of the Commission, we affirm that adhering to the legal and constitutional contexts of the state requires us to accept those contexts, despite the unfairness that occurred to "Al Nasr", especially in this election or the one before.

The positions of "Al Nasr" were and will remain in the interest of the citizens' state, the consolidation of its practices, the sovereignty of its institutions, and the unity and pride of its people,

We call on all political forces to unite the ranks and uphold public interests, and to agree on a successful, strong and rational governing equation capable of carrying out their duties to save the state.