Third quarter of 2021
Our Attitudes

Third quarter of 2021

From July 10 to September 29


July 10, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: The liberation of Mosul is a victory of a homeland and a defeat of a conspiracy

On this day (July 10, 2017), from the center of Mosul, Al-Hadba, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Dr. Haider Al-Abadi, announced the resounding victory over ISIS terrorism, announcing the overthrow of (The Myth State), and crushing the banner of brutality.

On this day, the Iraqi will, administration, and heroic sacrifices brought down the largest conspiratorial project supported and served to divide Iraq and enslave its people. The Iraqis defeated, with their steadfastness, the hordes of atonement, hatred, and slaughter that came against them from 60 countries.

The liberation of Mosul was not only a liberation of people and land, but also a liberation of a homeland, a restoration of dignity, an overthrow of a conspiracy, and a declaration of victory for a people that refuses to be broken and a homeland that refuses to be defeated.

With the sacrifices of the heroes, the responsible national leadership, effective governance, and national solidarity, we won the battles of liberation, unity, and survival, and we saved the state. Today and tomorrow, we can, and we will be able to win the bet of unity, order and progress, no matter how long the challenges are. Falsehood has a tour, and right has a state.




12 July 2021

Al-Suneed: Iraqi water security is in danger

Ali Al-Suneed, the member of Al Nasr Coalition, warned of the repercussions of the water file on the Iraqi and regional reality, stressing that Iraqi water security is in danger.

Al-Suneed called on the Iraqi government to enter into serious discussions with the two neighbors, Turkey and Iran, to secure water quotas for Iraq, in accordance with international law and good neighborly relations.

The member of Al Nasr Coalition pointed out the need to neutralize the water file, and that water should not be a barter commodity or a tool of blackmail in international relations.




July 12, 2021

Al Nasr: Abadi is with the unity of the Kurdish class


Ahmed Al-Wandi, the member of Al Nasr Coalition, confirmed the positive atmosphere of Dr. Haider Al-Abadi's visit to Erbil and Sulaymaniyah, and his meeting with the leaders of the Kurdistan region, noting that the objectives of the visit are to strengthen national understandings to deal with the challenges facing the country, particularly the sovereign, economic, and security issues.

Al-Wandi said: "Dr. Al-Abadi is with the unity of the Kurdish class, and the prevailing atmosphere of dialogue and pacification to achieve the interests of the people, especially that the country is heading to hold general elections," stressing that this stage calls for increasing national solidarity to preserve the entity of the state and the interests of the people, in accordance with the requirements of sovereignty, justice, and good governance.




July 13, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: We mourn the tragedy of Nasiriyah, and we call for the formation of a crisis cell

Al Nasr Coalition condoles the families of the victims and injured of the fire of Imam Hussein Hospital in Nasiriyah. It is a tragedy that broke the heart of the people.

The recurrence of these disasters calls for firmness by adopting and following safety rules, and conforming to the specifications required for health institutions and for all state service institutions. It also calls for initiating comprehensive reforms of the management systems of the institutions.

Al Nasr Coalition stresses that dealing with this catastrophe requires the formation of a "crisis cell" to address the causes and repercussions of what happened, and that the cell also begins surveying all other health institutions to ensure their compliance with specifications, tighten safety procedures, control the job performance of the institutions concerned, and activate oversight, follow-up and accountability for the defaulters.

Mercy for the victims, healing for the wounded.




July 15, 2021

Al Nasr: We are not with boycotting the elections, and we want the forces to participate in fair elections

Aqil Al-Rudaini, the member of Al Nasr Coalition, confirmed that Al Nasr believes in the necessity of the participation of all approved political forces in the upcoming elections.

And that "Al Nasr" is with fair electoral competition among the political parties.

Al-Rudaini pointed out that "Al Nasr" is not with boycotting free and fair elections, and believes that the legitimacy of the political system depends on electoral legitimacy, and that reforming the system is a necessity. We hope for concerted efforts to reform and develop the system to achieve the aspirations of the people.




July 15, 2021

Al Nasr: The electoral security is questionable, and some decisions need review

Hassan al-Bahadli, the member of Al Nasr Coalition, confirmed that the electoral security is still questionable, and some of the decisions and procedures of the High Elections Commission need to be reviewed to ensure electoral justice, such as issues of political money and employing the state's capabilities for the candidates of the ruling forces, and not compensating the candidate who is excluded or threatened…etc. Which does not help to secure elections with acceptable legitimacy and credibility.

On the other hand, Al-Bahadli pointed out that Al Nasr rejects the political and electoral exploitation of national calamities such as the catastrophe of Nasiriyah, and believes that nations in moments of disaster unite to face difficulties and challenges, and that the building and collapse of states is a solidarity between governments, people, and powers.




July 15, 2021

Al Nasr: We are not with overthrowing the government, and we call for reform

Hamza Al-Hardan, the member of Al Nasr Coalition, confirmed that Al Nasr is not with the current move to topple the government, as it adopts reform and improving performance, and presses for the government to carry out its transitional tasks with efficiency, integrity, and justice.

Al-Hardan indicated that the move to overthrow the government may take the country into the unknown, as it is a government of transitional tasks, and there is no time for change. And change means confiscating the transitional tasks, at the forefront of which is the holding of elections, which is a priority.

The member of Al Nasr Coalition pointed out that the birth of the current government was a complicated birth, and the complexity of the political arena currently does not allow to form a new government.

The call to overthrow the government is either electoral propaganda, or an attempt to drag the country into a vacuum, or it is an effort to postpone the elections, and this is rejected.




July 19, 2021

The initiative of "Iraqi Sovereignty" 

To preserve the interests and national sovereignty, to consolidate the unity of the state and the prestige of its institutions, and to avoid making Iraq an arena of regional and international conflict, I present to the government and the concerned forces the “Iraqi sovereignty” initiative, and I call for a dialogue table on its items, and to come up with a binding agreement that preserves the interests of the state, the security, and stability of its people.

1-The government shall conclude formal agreements with binding time limits for the withdrawal of all foreign combat forces from Iraq.

2-Limiting the tasks of any foreign military presence to training, advice, and development of combat capabilities and intelligence cooperation to fight terrorism, it should be documented officially.

3-Refrain completely from any attack on diplomatic missions, training and development headquarters, and foreign advice.

4-Entering into serious discussions to end the Turkish military presence on Iraqi land.

5-Commitment for all to the context of the state in any internal and external military and security affairs.

6-Commitment for all to the state's contexts in dealing with the country's foreign policy affairs.

7-Commitment for all to the context of the state towards any encroachment on Iraqi sovereignty.

8-Not to allow any foreign interference in any Iraqi security, military or political matter, or breaching Iraqi airspace, in order to preserve national interests and sovereignty.

9-Enhancing the security and stability of the country by disengaging Iraq from any file of the international regional conflict in the region.

10-Criminalizing any party that violates the agreed upon the principles of the "Iraqi Sovereignty" initiative.




July 19 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: We condemn the terrorist act in Sadr City, and call for vigilance and solidarity

Al Nasr Coalition condemns the terrorist act in Sadr City, and consoles the families of the innocent victims, and we ask God Almighty for a speedy recovery for the wounded.

Al Nasr calls on the security services to conduct an urgent investigation to uncover terrorist cells, pursue criminal terrorists, and impose the most severe punishments on them and those who fail to perform their security duties.

Al Nasr Coalition calls for vigilance and solidarity to thwart terrorist plans and agendas, in order to preserve the security and stability of the people and the state.




July 22, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: We call on the Iraqi negotiating delegation to adopt wise and courageous strategic attitudes that achieve Iraqi interests

With the approach of the fourth and final "strategic dialogue" round between Iraq and the United States of America, "Al Nasr Coalition" demands the Iraqi negotiating delegation to be free from pressures and the current crisis moment, and to adopt wise and courageous strategic attitudes that achieve Iraqi interests far from any other interests.

Al Nasr Coalition asserts that the ten-ax "Iraqi Sovereignty" initiative, which was proposed by Dr. Haider al-Abadi on July 19, 2021, represents a comprehensive roadmap that preserves national interests and sovereignty, consolidates the unity of the state and the prestige of its institutions, and avoids Iraq from the dangers of international regional conflict.

"Al Nasr" reaffirms its principles on the necessity of adopting a schedule with binding time ceilings for the withdrawal of foreign combat forces, with a clear and legal agreement for the tasks of training, advice, and development of combat capabilities and intelligence cooperation to face terrorism, and starting to activate all the terms of the "Strategic Agreement" with the United States, in particular the economic and development aspects, and starting a new stage of constructive cooperation between the two countries in all fields.

"Al Nasr Coalition" stresses that Iraq must be respected for its international obligations, and everyone should abide by the state's military and security contexts, both internally and externally, and not allow any foreign interference in any Iraqi security, military, or political matter, and to refrain completely from any infringement on diplomatic missions and the headquarters of training and development and foreign advice, and resorting to the contexts of the state towards any transgression of sovereignty, and disengaging Iraq from any file of the international regional conflict in the region, to spare it the catastrophes of bias, and to ensure that it does not turn into a battlefield that achieves the interests of others at the expense of the unity, security, and safety of Iraq and its people.




July 25, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: We welcome the downfall of terrorist networks and call for neutralizing the security file

"Al Nasr Coalition" welcomes the announcement of the Federal Intelligence and Investigation Agency in the Ministry of Interior to overthrow two terrorist networks in Kirkuk and Anbar provinces, which are responsible for the bombing of "Al-Waheilat Market" in Sadr City.

Al Nasr calls for comprehensive proactive operations to abort the despicable plans of terrorism.

Al Nasr affirms that security is a national solidarity responsibility that requires concerted government and popular efforts together, and stability requires that security should be made as a supreme value that is not subject to bids, and that the security file should be neutralized by political and electoral wrangling, in order to preserve the safety of the people and the security of the state.




July 25, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: The continuation of assassinating activists threatens security and national unity

Al Nasr Coalition condemns the continuation of assassinating activists' policy, and sees in it an insistence on striking security, stability, and national unity, and calls on the state authorities to strike and eradicate crime groups, chaos, and suspicious agendas.

While "Al Nasr Coalition" declares its support for the people, its elites and activists who defend the people's hopes, it affirms that the logic of the state will triumph over the logic of no state, the state loses battles but wins the war.




July 26, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: We welcome the results of the Iraqi-American dialogue and call for national solidarity

"Al Nasr Coalition" welcomes the results of the fourth round of the Iraqi-American strategic dialogue, which came as a culmination of the efforts of Al-Kadhimi's government and the support of the national forces, and considers it a victory for Iraq, its interests, and sovereignty.

Al Nasr emphasizes the necessity of national solidarity towards the major issues of the state, and standing unified -government, people, and national forces- to defend Iraq's existence, interests, and sovereignty, and digging behind the state and its institutions in the face of the challenges facing us as a national nation.




July 27, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: We demand to maintain the momentum to strengthen the requirements of sovereignty

Al Nasr Coalition welcomed and welcomes the results of the last round of the Iraqi-American strategic dialogue, and considers it a victory for Iraq, its interests, and sovereignty.

Based on the terms of the "Iraqi Sovereignty" initiative presented by Dr. Haider al-Abadi, "Al Nasr" calls for the maintain of the national momentum -governmental and popular- to strengthen sovereignty and its requirements against all forms of violation, foremost of which is the Turkish military occupation, and other forms of interference in the Iraqi affairs politically, security, and economically. And to unite national efforts to make Iraq, its interests, and sovereignty a supreme value in conscience and national action.

A strong and sovereign Iraq will achieve strategic balance in the region and the world, and any weakness of Iraq, or making it an arena of conflict, will drag the region and the world into major collapses, then Iraq will not be the only loser, but the region and the world. The strategies of the region and the world's powers must realize that Iraq is the center of poise and balance in the region.




July 28, 2021

Al-Suneed: Sovereignty cannot be achieved by adventures, and we demanded to maintain its momentum

The member of "Al Nasr Coalition" Ali Al-Suneed stressed that national sovereignty is not achieved by arrogance, adventurism, and ignorance of the laws of conflict and interests. Adding: "We saw where Saddam's arrogance and adventures took the state and its people to. Rationality, responsibility, and high patriotism is the mainstay of winning the battles of sovereignty".

Al-Suneed said: "Sovereignty is an integrated and indivisible unit, and a state that loses its internal sovereignty by applying its laws and orders and imposing its hegemony cannot achieve its sovereignty externally. Whoever wants a sovereign country must adopt the state approach over the non-state".

The member of Al Nasr Coalition indicated: "The "Iraqi Sovereignty" initiative of Dr. Haider al-Abadi addressed all forms of violation of national sovereignty, including the Turkish occupation and other forms of interference in the Iraqi internal affairs." He stressed: "The initiative was welcomed by the Prime Minister and most leaders of the political forces, and work is underway to implement the rest of its items".

Al-Suneed stressed: "Al Nasr Coalition demanded to maintain the current momentum to achieve all the requirements of sovereignty, and that the political atmosphere is currently positive, and we must use it to complete the duties of national sovereignty with wisdom, determination, and smart use of Iraqi strengths".




July 28, 2021

Member of Al Nasr Coalition: The elections will take place on time, and whoever disrupts its path will lose politically

The member of Al Nasr Coalition, Ahmed Al-Wandi, confirmed that the elections will take place on 10/10, and the wheel is on its way, only exceptional events will stop it, and any party that works to obstruct holding the elections will lose its political future.

Al-Wandi stressed: "Our eyes are open to the Electoral Commission's procedures to ensure the integrity of the elections, and we are betting on international oversight to ensure its integrity, and we will have a shocking attitude if we have indications of the lack of integrity and fairness of the electoral process".

On the other hand, the member of Al Nasr Coalition affirmed: "We call for the participation of all political forces in the elections, and we bet on their awareness, commitment, and honorable competition, to ensure gaining the street's confidence in its forces and political system".

We urge the people to participate widely to achieve reform and change. Whoever does not change should never blame luck and conspiracy.




July 29, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: Whoever wants the legitimacy of ruling must obtain the legitimacy of representation

The member of Al Nasr Coalition, Hassan al-Bahadli, stressed that the elections is the basis for the legitimacy of the political system, and the poll is the "womb" of the authorities, whoever wants the legitimacy of ruling must obtain the legitimacy of representation.

Al-Bahadli pointed out: "Al Nasr Coalition called and calls for broad participation in the elections, because it is the gateway to reform and the desired change," calling on the High Electoral Commission, the government, and political forces to cooperate to conduct fair and just elections that represents the people's opinion and choices.




July 31, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: The continuation of terrorist operations creates many question marks

The member of "Al Nasr Coalition" Hamza Al-Hardan affirmed Al Nasr's rejection of the continuation of terrorist operations, considering them unacceptable, and threatening major dangers to security and stability, and confiscating the security achievements made by crushing terrorism in the great war of liberation against ISIS.

 Al-Hardan pointed to the danger of the growing terrorist escalation, the latest of which was the terrorist act yesterday, which led to the fall of a large number of victims in the Bu Jeli area in the Yathrib district, south of Salah al-Din, coincided with another terrorist attack on our military units on the outskirts of Khanaqin, which create many question marks that the competent authorities have to answer.

He called for making security a priority in the governmental and national effort, and launching comprehensive campaigns to eradicate the remnants of terrorism, in addition to supplementing the security effort with the required capabilities, and being keen to neutralize the security file in the ongoing conflicts.




August 2, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: The invasion of Kuwait is the "Mother of disasters" and leaders of the region should benefit from history

The member of Al Nasr Coalition, Dr. Salam Al-Zubaidi, confirmed that the invasion of Kuwait in 1990 was the "Mother of disasters" that the Saddamist regime of tyranny and discrimination carried out, because of which Iraq lost thousands of lives, its economy was shattered, its infrastructure was destroyed and its sovereignty was violated, it is still paying the taxes of this adventure that set Iraq back decades.

Al-Zubaidi indicated that "Al Nasr Coalition" hopes that the anniversary of the invasion of Kuwait will constitute a historical lesson for our peoples and countries; that adventures, wars, and the narcissism leadership will only lead the region to disasters and sustainable conflicts. The leaders of the countries in the region should benefit from the lessons of history, otherwise our region will remain an arena of adventures and destructive conflicts that undermine the security, stability, and prosperity of our peoples.




August 2, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: We remember with pain the Anfal massacre, and the rest of the Baath massacres against our people

The member of "Al Nasr Coalition" Ahmed Al-Wandi confirmed that the people remember with pain the 33rd anniversary of the "Anfal campaign" that killed hundreds of our Kurdish citizens at the hands of the bloody Baath regime in 1988, the Anfal massacre and the rest of the massacres against our people will remain a witness to the oppression of this people during the black Baath era.

Al-Wandi pointed out: "Al Nasr Coalition is with the people and against injustice and discrimination under any title, and we as a people should benefit from the lessons of history, and be aware that dictatorship, injustice, ethnic-sectarian discrimination and social injustice will only lead to massacres and the destruction of national unity. And that full citizenship, true democracy, true coexistence and equal justice are the foundations for building states and the unity and strength of societies".




August 2, 2021

Al Nasr: We support the outcomes of the Governmental Palace meeting and warn against fragmentation of the decision

Al Nasr Coalition welcomes the outcomes of the expanded meeting at the Governmental Palace, which was held on August 1, 2021 between the Prime Minister and the heads of other authorities and leaders of blocs and political parties.

This was confirmed by Ali Al-Suneed, the member of Al Nasr Coalition, he added: "We see in it a national consensus that establishes a unified stance and policy towards the challenges facing the country".

Al-Suneed called for consolidating the unity of the national discourse and performance towards the major events facing the country. It is not possible to win any national challenge with the fragmentation of the decision, the position, and the national will, and that the construction and destruction of states are solidarity, and the responsibility necessitates the commitment of all to the unity of the position to achieve the interests of the people.




August 3, 2021

Al Nasr: We reject the generalization language of Mr. Al-Kadhimi and we see in it an unfairness to the history of the country

The member of "Al Nasr Coalition" Hamza Al-Hardan confirms Al Nasr's rejection of the generalization and judgments in which Mr. Al-Kadhimi describes the governments that preceded his, and sees them as unfair to the criteria of objective evaluation, and a consolidation of political nihilism.

Al-Hardan wondered according to what criterion it is acceptable to say: "Previous governments drugged the people and evaded responsibility".

This is not the first time that he uses a single scale to measure the weights of performance and achievement, as Mr. Al-Kadhimi has always emphasized the same description and evaluation on different occasions, and here he looks with one eye to all governments on their diversity, and this approach is not consistent with the standards of objective and fair evaluation. Mr. Al-Kadhimi should know that there are governments that have had all the ingredients for success, but they have failed, and there is a government that only has factors of failure, ruin, and bankruptcy, but it succeeded. Exporting the work of this government is not at the expense of historical facts, as this undermines the successes of a country before it is an injustice against a government-political leadership that managed and won a global battle for the benefit of the people and the state, and Mr. Al-Kahimi himself was part of its phase.




August 10, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: Iraq should not play the role of "waiter" regionally

The member of "Al Nasr Coalition" Ali Al-Suneed affirmed that "Al Nasr Coalition" welcomes the convening of the "Regional Neighborhood" conference and supports any effort to consolidate stability, cooperation, and peace in the region, which will reflect positively on all peoples.

Al-Suneed demanded who has the decision today, to be aware of the accuracy of the international regional equation to achieve Iraq's interests according to balanced, wise, and strong calculations at the same time.

Iraq is not a “table” for a deaf meeting, and it is wrong to practice politics through the “role of the waiter.” Iraq has strategic power cards with which it can lead the region to stability or chaos, and the countries of the region must be well aware of Iraq’s role and choose between a strong Iraq that balances the conflict of strategies, and a weak and dependent Iraq that will inevitably drag the countries of the region into conflict and chaos.

The Iraqi decision-makers must be aware of the importance of the Iraqi role, and not give in to the political role of the "waiter".

Al-Suneed pointed out that Dr. Haider Al-Abadi was the first to break Iraq's regional and international isolation, starting from a position of strength and not the role of the "political waiter", by adopting the theory of "central Iraq" and not Iraq that is dependent, biased, or beggar.




August 11, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: The state is struggling to survive against the "non-state"

Al Nasr Coalition condemns, in the strongest terms, the sinful attack against the director of Karbala Municipality, the martyr Abeer Salim Al-Khafaji, while performing his duty, and sees the incident as the best proof of the incursion of arrogance, chaos, and rebellion against the state, its institutions, and cadres.

The state struggles to survive against the non-state, as a culture, an approach, and a force, and unless the state triumphs with its logic, bind, and authority, everyone will be engulfed by chaos, and no one will be spared from the repercussions of the collapse of public order.

The victory of the state is the responsibility of everyone, and the failure of the state is the betrayal of security, stability, and progress.




August 15, 2021

Al Nasr: We are surprised by Qatar's invitation and call for avoiding the policy of axes

The Parliamentarian and member of "Al Nasr Coalition" Abdul Abbas Shya'a confirmed that "Al Nasr" was surprised by Qatar's invitation to the "Regional Neighborhood" conference to be held in Baghdad, and saw the invitation as a departure from the idea and objectives of the conference.

Shya'a pointed out that there are other pivotal countries in the region more important than Qatar if the government wants to expand the circle of participation outside the framework of Iraq's neighboring countries, hoping that this call will not be part of the policy of the axes that harms Iraq.




August 18, 2021

Al Nasr: The Turkish bombing of Iraqi lands will not pass without accounting

The member of "Al Nasr Coalition" Ali Al-Suneed confirmed Al Nasr's condemnation of the Turkish bombing of Sinjar district, and Turkey's continued violation of Iraqi sovereignty. Pointing out that Turkey will pay the bill of its transgressions soon or later, as it will not pass without accounting.

On the other hand, Al-Suneed affirmed Al Nasr's rejection of Iraq being an arena for reckoning between Turkey and the Turkish Workers' Party, calling on the Iraqi government to assume its responsibilities to preserve the country's sanctity.




August 20, 2021

With great sadness and sorrow, we received the news of the death of the great and distinguished leader of Al Nasr Coalition, the late Ansam Manuel, due to complications from Corona disease.

The deceased was a humanitarian example radiating love and peace, and a patriotic cadre full of love for Iraq, its people, and its hopes.

"To Allah we belong and to Him we shall return".




August 21, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: Confronting terrorism is an overthrow of the option of brutality, chaos, and division

The continuation of ISIS terrorist activity, the latest of which was the attack yesterday evening on the headquarters of the 12th Brigade of the Popular Mobilization in Al-Tarmiyah area, which led to the death and wounding of a group of heroic fighters, is a dangerous indication that calls for national alert to uproot the remnants of ISIS terrorism.

Al Nasr Coalition affirms that confronting terrorism is a national solidarity responsibility of the security institutions and political and societal forces, as it is the first battle of the homeland that does not accept leniency, relaxation, employment, or shuffling of cards.

Al Nasr stresses that terrorism is a destructive project from which no one is spared, and confronting it is to drop the option of brutality, chaos and division. Maintaining security and stability is an Iraqi task that requires all of us to advance it with courage, will, and solidarity.




August 27, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: We welcome the participation of the Sadrist movement and call for fair elections

Al Nasr Coalition welcomes the return of the Sadrist movement to participate in the upcoming elections, and sees the return as a national momentum towards broad popular participation in the elections.

Al Nasr Coalition calls on the people for broad electoral participation to enable reform and change.

Al Nasr stresses the need for the commission and the political forces to be committed to conducting fair elections according to fair standards, far from employing the state's capabilities, political money, or the policy of imposing wills.




August 30, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: It was the blood of Iraqis that preserved the security of the region and the world

Al Nasr Coalition asserts that the blood of Iraqis is who liberated the cities of Iraq, and it is who preserved the security of the countries of the region and the world. Without it, states and societies would not be safe from terrorism, chaos, and wars of hatred.

While we thank all those who supported us in our holy war against the terrorism of ISIS, which represents a common danger, we affirm that the victory was Iraqi with distinction, and that those who fought on the ground and made great sacrifices are Iraqis alone, it is not permissible to undermine the stature of Iraq and the Iraqis and their sacrifices and heroisms. The countries of the region and the world are indebted to Iraq and its people, and they should raise their hat to Iraq.




September 3, 2021

Al Nasr offers condolences on the death of Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad Saeed Al-Hakim

With great sadness, we received the news of the death of His Eminence the great religious authority, Grand Ayatollah Mr. Muhammad Saeed Al-Hakim (may God be pleased with him), following a heart attack, in the holy city of Najaf.

Iraq and the Islamic world have lost a major religious and spiritual stature, which exercised its legal, jihadi, and guidance mandate with boldness and steadfastness since the era of the Baath tyrant till this day.

We ask God to grant our deceased the highest ranks of the righteous, and patience the nation with this heavy loss.




September 3, 2021

The Alliance of National State Forces offers condolences on the death of Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad Saeed Al-Hakim

"O satisfied soul, (27) return to your Lord well pleased, well pleasing. (28) Join My worshipers (29) and enter My Paradise (30)"

With hearts that believe in God’s decree and destiny, and with sadness and sorrow, we received the news of the death of the great religious authority, the Grand Ayatollah, Sayyid Muhammad Saeed al-Hakim, may God sanctify his pure soul.

Iraq and the Islamic world have lost a reference, jurist, mujahid, mentor and educator, who had a great impact on the march of knowledge, jihad, reform, and virtue.

For our deceased, the highest stations of the righteous, for the great references, the Islamic nation, and the family of Al-Hakim, a great reward and sympathy.

We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return.




September 5, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: We warn against harming stability and the policy of mixing cards

Al Nasr Coalition condemns the terrorist attack that targeted the 19th Federal Police Brigade in Al-Rashad district, south of Kirkuk, which led to the death and injury of a number of our security forces.

Al Nasr sees the continuation of terrorist exposure as a dangerous indicator of undermining security and stability, which was achieved with great national sacrifices in 2017.

Al Nasr Coalition sees the security file as a top priority over other files, and warns that security will become a victim of political and electoral ambitions and struggles by all parties, and demands the support, strengthening and neutralization of our security and military forces away from politicization or agendas aimed at mixing cards and exploiting security vacuums.

The presence of unsecured areas requires a review of intelligence and proactive plans, supporting the government's security effort, political and societal solidarity, to eradicate the hotbeds of terrorism, in order to preserve the people and the country.




September 15, 2021

The Alliance of State Forces: We condemn targeting the Popular Mobilization units and call for preserving national sovereignty

The Alliance of National State Forces condemns in the strongest terms the targeting of the Popular Mobilization units stationed on the Iraqi-Syrian border to preserve the security and safety of the country, and it holds the aggressor parties fully responsible for the spilling of Iraqi blood and the violation of national sovereignty.

The Alliance of National State Forces emphasizes the unity of national ranks, the priority of national interests, and the commitment of the government and political forces to the requirements of the security, safety and sovereignty of Iraq.




September 25, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: We condemn any normalization and warn against violating the people's principles

Al Nasr Coalition condemns all calls for normalization with the Zionist entity, and sees the recent political and societal activities as an insult to the principles of the Iraqi people and their firm positions toward the just Palestinian cause, and as a rebellion against the Iraqi constitution, laws, and values.

Al Nasr Coalition calls on political forces and societal symbols to clarify their position on the escalation of calls for normalization, and calls on the people to besiege and reject any call that drags Iraq into this dangerous slide.




September 25, 2021

The Alliance of National State Forces: Iraq is resistant to normalization and dissonant voices will not change the principles

The Alliance of National State Forces rejects and condemns all voices calling for normalization with the usurping Zionist entity, and sees them as a threat to the values ​​and constants of the Iraqi people and state.

We affirm that the Palestinian cause represents the central issue of Arabs and Muslims, and we support the right of the Palestinian people to fight to recover their stolen rights.

The Alliance of National State Forces calls on all the political forces and national elites to confront suspicious attempts to market normalization. It calls for holding the dissonant voices accountable, which will not affect the values ​​and principles of the Iraqi people.




September 29, 2021

Al-Abadi: The commandments of the Supreme Religious Authority are in the interest of the state, its sovereignty, and its benefits

We affirm our full support for the commandments of the Supreme Religious Authority, and we see them as an affirmation of its consistent national positions defending the state, its prestige, sovereignty, and its supreme interests.

We stress that the Supreme Religious Authority was and will remain a paternalistic reference that will not align itself with a list or a candidate, but will always align itself with the unity, strength, and safety of the state, its people, and its interests.

We refer to what the Supreme Religious Authority said, that it is necessary to participate in the elections to make a real change in the administration of the state and to remove the corrupt and incompetent hands from its major joints. And the need to scrutinize the biographies of candidates in their electoral districts, and to elect only the honest and the good, who is keen on the sovereignty, security, and prosperity of Iraq, who is entrusted to its original values ​​and supreme interests, and to beware that they empower incompetent people or those involved in corruption or parties that do not believe in the constants of the honorable Iraqi people or work outside the framework of the constitution by occupying seats in the House of Representatives, causing a great risks to the future of the country.

We demand what the Supreme Religious Authority demanded from those in charge of the elections that they should work to hold it in a reassuring atmosphere far from the side effects of money, illegal weapons or foreign interference, and that they must observe its integrity and preserve the votes of the voters, as it is a trust in their necks.