Dr. Al-Abadi: The battle of Iraq today is the battle of the state versus the non-state
Al Nasr Presidency

Dr. Al-Abadi: The battle of Iraq today is the battle of the state versus the non-state

Today, Sunday, the Head Command of the National State Forces Alliance, Dr. Haider al-Abadi, confirmed that the battle of Iraq today is the battle of the state versus the non-state.

In an election celebration that brought together some of the Alliance candidates in Baghdad, Al-Abadi added: "We are on the threshold of fateful elections, and we stand with you today in front of our people to gain their trust in us as a moderate national political alliance. We have to be up to the people’s confidence in us by bearing the trust with sincerity, integrity and determination, in order to restore the state’s strengths, sovereignty, and prosperity, and here, I ask the people on your behalf to renew their confidence in us to continue the path of change, reconstruction, and progress".

The ceremony began with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, and reading Surat Al-Fatihah on the souls of the martyrs of Iraq, then the candidates were invited to the podium, led by Dr. Al-Abadi, who spoke to them, saying: "As you are close to the elections, know, we did not enter politics for whims or domination, and we were not driven by lust for power, nor guided by interests to run the elections, God forbids, we are carriers of trust, which we must perform with dedication and honor, so make God, the people, and the conscience censors of your intentions and actions".

On the other hand, Al-Abadi addressed the Iraqi people, saying: "Our Iraqi people, the battle of Iraq today is the battle of the state, versus the non-state. It is our battle, and we belong to it, we will win by you and with you, we are not a production of chance, and we don't miss wisdom and experience, the will will not let us down. We were the ones who led the state in 2014 when it was a rubble of a state, and many bet on our collapse, due to ISIS terrorism, the stifling financial situation, the floods of displaced people, the disintegration of the state and the threat to its unity, and we won the best of the battle with you, so we liberated the land and human, united the country, and preserved the economy from collapse, we restored Iraq's status, and handed over a healthy state in 2018 on the path of integration, and whoever made the state win yesterday, is able to win for it today".

Dr. Al-Abadi called on voters to give the National State Forces Alliance the confidence to complete the path of victory and building the state, stressing: "We did not fail you yesterday, and we will not fail you tomorrow, and as we saved Iraq together, we will save it together, as a state, existence, history, and importance. Our date is the day of the great choice, between state and non-state, let the state be your choice", recalling the Supreme Religious Authority's recent statement on the broad participation in the elections, and selecting those who have the successful experience and the state project.

The ceremony was concluded by emphasizing the importance of solidarity in the service of the public interest, and listening to the anthem of National State Forces Alliance.