The initiative of  Iraqi Sovereignty
Statements and Initiatives

The initiative of Iraqi Sovereignty

To preserve the interests and national sovereignty, to consolidate the unity of the state and the prestige of its institutions, and to avoid making Iraq an arena of regional and international conflict, I present to the government and the concerned forces the “Iraqi sovereignty” initiative, and I call for a dialogue table on its items, and to come up with a binding agreement that preserves the interests of the state, the security, and stability of its people.

1-The government shall conclude formal agreements with binding time limits for the withdrawal of all foreign combat forces from Iraq.


2-Limiting the tasks of any foreign military presence to training, advice, and development of combat capabilities and intelligence cooperation to fight terrorism, it should be documented officially.


3-Refrain completely from any attack on diplomatic missions, training and development headquarters, and foreign advice.


4-Entering into serious discussions to end the Turkish military presence on Iraqi land.


5-Commitment for all to the context of the state in any internal and external military and security affairs.


6-Commitment for all to the state's contexts in dealing with the country's foreign policy affairs.


 7-Commitment for all to the context of the state towards any encroachment on Iraqi sovereignty.


8-Not to allow any foreign interference in any Iraqi security, military or political matter, or breaching Iraqi airspace, in order to preserve national interests and sovereignty.


9-Enhancing the security and stability of the country by disengaging Iraq from any file of the international regional conflict in the region.


10-Criminalizing any party that violates the agreed upon the principles of the "Iraqi Sovereignty" initiative.