Second quarter of 2021
Our Attitudes

Second quarter of 2021

From April 2 to June 29

April 2, 2021

With great sadness and sorrow, we received the news of death of the national judge, Muhammad Al-Araibi, due to complications from his infection with the Coronavirus.

With his demise, we lost a man of law and justice, his honorable patriotic role in trying the tyrant Saddam and the pillars of the rule of Baathist evil was more than eternity for him, he did not flatter and bargain for the right of the people, the justice of the case, and the honor of the profession.

The people who own men like al-Araibi have the right to be proud, and a judiciary that al-Araibi works for has the right to be proud.

For his stances, his spirit, his family and lovers, the legal and lawful fields the solace.

And to God we belong and to Him is our return"."




April 6, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: Our position is clear from the start with rejecting the reduction of the dinar exchange rate

"Al Nasr Coalition" affirms to the public opinion its consistent stances that are biased with the people and the sound management of the state, foremost of which is the management of the economic financial file.

In this regard, Al Nasr confirms its opposition from the start to lowering the exchange rate of the dinar, and confirmed its position since the meeting of the blocks with the Prime Minister in December 2020, which was attended by the representative of Dr. Al-Abadi.

In more than one statement and a meeting, Dr. Al-Abadi clearly rejected any devaluation of the dinar exchange rate due to its negative impact on the low-income and middle classes of society and its cause to raise inflation levels, and to put forward possible alternatives to fill the lack of financial liquidity within an integrated vision to manage and stimulate the economy and create job opportunities for citizens.




April 8, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: We welcome the outcomes of the strategic dialogue and we call for rescheduling

"Al Nasr Coalition" welcomes the outcomes of the Iraqi-American strategic dialogue, related to the description and organization of the presence of the American forces, and their limitation to training and advisory tasks, and calls for completing the technical agreement to schedule the exit of combat forces according to the vision and need assessed by the competent Iraqi institutions.

Al Nasr affirms its support for governmental and national policies and positions related to preserving and promoting Iraqi interests and sovereignty towards all countries. The issues of unity, interests and national sovereignty are all indivisible in Iraq's dealings with all countries without exception.




April 15, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: We condemn Al-Habibiya bombing and warn against sectarian fueling

"Al Nasr Coalition" condemns the terrorist bombing in Al-Habibiya region, and calls on the security services and the people to be vigilant and to show solidarity to thwart terrorist plans and the forces of darkness to strike our unity and national security.

Al Nasr warns of sectarian strife in the political arena, and the restoration of ethnic and sectarian strife is considered a despicable electoral gain by cheap entities and personalities who want their glory at the expense of Iraqi blood and unity.

In another context, Al Nasr condemns the attacks on the headquarters of international missions, and considers them an attack on the state’s sovereignty and a threat to the stability and interests of Iraq.




April 25, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: The government must assume its responsibilities to hold the negligent accountable

"Al Nasr Coalition" calls on the government to shoulder its responsibilities by punishing all those who caused the tragedy at Ibn Al Kateeb Hospital at all administrative and executive levels.

Al Nasr affirms that neglect is a crime itself, and the vitality of institutions requires a strict and comprehensive activation of the system of follow-up, control and punishment.

The government and its competent agencies must stand with the families of the victims and help them to overcome the effects of this human and national calamity.




April 30, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: We warn of the consequences of violating Iraqi sovereignty

Al Nasr Coalition rejects the Turkish Interior Minister's announcement of Turkey's intention to establish a new military base in Iraq, and considers it a continuation of policies that violate Iraqi sovereignty, and demands the official and national authorities to take the required procedures to preserve the sovereignty of Iraq.

Al Nasr Coalition calls on the Turkish government to reconsider its policies towards Iraq, in order to preserve common interests, stability and good neighborliness.




 May 1, 2021

Forming a political alliance between Al Nasr Coalition, and the Alliance of State Forces, under the name (The Alliance of National State Forces)

Following constructive talks and sharing the political vision of the state’s crises and ways to save it, it was agreed, with the grace of God, to form a political electoral alliance between Al Nasr Coalition, and the Alliance of State Forces, and the forces within their coalition, under the name (The Alliance of National State Forces).

The new Alliance is a moderate, national, political force that believes in the state and works to consolidate its principles and structure, and works to enhance the prestige and sovereignty of its legitimate institutions toward all the internal and external crises surrounding it.

The new Coalition hopes that the upcoming electoral process will be fair, just, and faithfully representative of the will of the people, and establish a sound political life that saves the regime and the state from its crises in the service of the country and the citizen.

We will work for the state versus non-state, and we will strive for the safety of the homeland and the prosperity of the people, as God is behind the intention.




May 9, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: We condemn the assassination of activists and the government must exercise its responsibilities

"Al Nasr Coalition" condemns with the strongest terms the continued assassination of civilian activists, and calls on the government to exercise its responsibilities to maintain security, blood, and freedom of opinion.

Al Nasr affirms that the forces of non-state and crime groups cannot silence the free voice of the young men demanding their legitimate rights, and that the methods of murder and oppression will only lead to more insistence on reform and saving the state from chaos, kidnapping and dispossession.




May 12, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: We condemn the aggression against the people of Palestine and call on the world to end their suffering

"Al Nasr Coalition" condemns the Zionist aggression against the people of Palestine, and its continued suppression, displacement, and denial of their rights, foremost among which is obtaining their legitimate rights, especially in Al-Quds Al-Sharif (Jerusalem).

The security, peace, and prosperity of the region will not be achieved with the continuation of crushing peoples' rights policies. The world cannot continue the policies of ignoring what the arrogant forces do against the weakest peoples.

We support the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, and we support all peoples' issues with freedom, sovereignty, and a decent life.




May 20, 2021

Al-Abadi: The competent authorities should put an end to political crimes

The head of Al Nasr Coalition, Dr. Haider al-Abadi stressed the necessity of providing electoral security for voters and candidates, and consider it a condition for fair elections that achieve true mass participation that enhances the legitimacy of the political system.

In this context, the competent authorities must uncover those involved in assassinating activists and opinion-makers, and put an end to political crimes against political rivals.

Dr. Al-Abadi said that Al Nasr Coalition and the rest of the state's forces are in the process of activating interrogations and parliamentary inquiries to reveal the nature of political crimes, exert pressure to uncover the killers, and stand against the decline of electoral security requirements and general societal security.




May 24, 2021

The #Let_Me_Participate initiative

Al-Abadi launches the (Let me participate) initiative to support and protect the right to vote and be elected

The President of Al Nasr Coalition, Dr. Haider Al-Abadi, launched today: The National Campaign (Let me participate), to ensure the right of candidates and voters to participate in the upcoming elections without intimidation or imposing wills.

The "Head of the Alliance of National State Forces leadership," Dr. Al-Abadi demands, through this initiative, governmental institutions and political forces to ensure the right to fair, secure, and transparent electoral participation.

The "Let me participate" initiative launched by Dr. Al-Abadi is a national media campaign aimed at: protecting candidates and voters alike, ensuring broad popular participation in the elections, and to pressure on the relevant institutions and political forces together to provide a peaceful, secure, and viable electoral environment for the electoral participation of candidates and voters.

The (Let me participate) initiative is a media campaign on the diversity of visual, readable, written, and communicative media to implement the (Let me participate) programs, and through partnerships with activities with media institutions, websites, and civic youth organizations to expand the base of activities at different age and regional levels.


Al-Abadi sees that:

1-The legitimacy of the political system depends on the element of public participation and its confidence in the system and its authorities. Without effective participation, the system loses its legitimacy and the public adoption.

2-Elections is a lever for the legitimacy of the system, and not participating in it, strikes the system and its legitimacy to the core.

3-Providing a safe electoral environment for candidates and voters is the task of state institutions and political forces, and they must provide the conditions for the right to participate.

4-Reform and change is a necessity, and the safety of the state and the interests of the people require rationality and the efficiency of the political system, otherwise it will fail and fall, and chaos will be prevailed. What is required is the participation of the public and intensively to participate in public affairs issues, including elections.

5-The voting box is the womb of birth to the political authorities of the country, and failure to participate will result to powers lacking legitimacy or partisan utility and quotas, it does not renew the blood of the authorities with forces, elites, and new policies.

6-There is no alternative to elections but coups and chaos, and living peoples do not accept that. The integrity and soundness of democracy depends on the elements of participation, accountability, willpower, and public opinion in the making of events and changes.

7-Electoral security is a condition for broad participation to the public, and the intimidation and liquidation operations of candidates and activists will negatively affect the regime, its forces, and the general community and national security, and it is a sin that everyone will pay for if it will not be deterred and stopped.

8-The 2018 elections and the low participation it witnessed is what created a failed ruling equation that led to intimidation and failure, and it is not in anyone's interest to reproduce this experience.

9-Boycotting the elections is in the interest of the de-facto powers, and does not change anything. Rather, it will perpetuate quotas, corruption, and dependence on the will, and reinforce the fragmentation and failure of the system and the state. The best response to reforming the reality is the effective and wide participation in the elections to ensure that the equations of quotas, hegemony, and conciliatory conflict between the forces that benefit from power are broken.

10-(Let me participate) means: let me exercise my constitutional and human right, let me activate my will to choose the best, do not block my choice, the homeland is for all. If I lose my participation as a citizen, you will not enjoy the legitimacy of the authority as a ruler, your legitimacy to rule is derived from my vote, so let me vote. Compete with honor, you will rule well, to remove me with a voting paper is better for your legitimacy than to remove me with a shot. Building and demolishing the state is a joint responsibility, so let us be responsible.




May 27, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: The state and its citizens are the fortress for all, and there is no fortress outside the law

Al Nasr Coalition affirms: Building the state is a solidarity responsibility, and everyone should shoulder their responsibilities in building the state according to its logic, requirements, and the interest of its citizens.


Al Nasr believes: That the stage is decisive, dangerous, and transformative, as for the state to march to order and sovereignty and achieve the people's demands, or to sigh on everyone's heads.

Al Nasr affirms: That transgression, bullying, and rebellion against the state is forbidden. Also discord, chaos, and dispossession is a disaster. Responsibility requires strengthening the state and adhering to its terms of reference, its system, and the interests of its citizens in order to preserve both the people and the state, as an appreciation and gratitude for the great sacrifices made by the brave fighters.

Al Nasr demands: Giving precedence to the state’s approach over non-state, whether through discourse or practice, and recourse to the democratic, peaceful, and solidarity approach by the people, political forces, volunteer heroes, and state institutions. The alternative to that is internal strife and foreign domination, and this is what the faithful reject.

Al Nasr affirms: That no one is above law and accountability. We must refer to the state, its logic, its rule, and the interests of our people. Otherwise, chaos will arise, and there is no one to benefit from it except the enemies.

Al Nasr renews: That free, fair, and secure elections is the only way to govern and exercise power, and that the legitimacy of the political system and the legitimacy of the exercise of government depend on the legitimacy of elections in practice and access to power.

Al Nasr affirms: That the homeland is the fortress for everyone, and there is no fortress outside the state. The state is not the property of anyone, whether a symbol or an entity, the state is the property of its people. The positions are not a privilege but a responsibility in front of God and towards the people and history.




June 3, 2021

Al-Abadi presents the “National Mobilization” initiative and invites the government and political forces to a dialogue table to discuss and adopt it
In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

With the increasing friction, the approaching elections, and in commitment to national responsibility, Dr. Haider Al-Abadi announces the (National Mobilization) initiative of the Popular Mobilization, and calls on the government and political forces to discuss and adopt it to solve the existing problems, and to agree on the rules for dealing with this file, in order to prevent the situation from going to developments that do not serves the stability and security of the state and the interests of its people.


Foundations of the initiative:

1-The Popular Mobilization is an honorable national fighting force that has contributed and is contributing to the battles of liberation and salvation from ISIS terrorism. It is a fighting force legitimized by decisions of the House of Representatives and the government.

2-The survival of the Popular Mobilization is a necessity, as it is a strategic force for the nation and the state. Accordingly, the attempts to dissolve the Popular Mobilization must be rejected, demonizing, criminalizing, and blaming the Mobilization for the projections of others must be rejected as well.

3-Refusal to strike the Popular Mobilization, or to involve it in internal battles, or to harness it for the benefit of regional and international agendas, as it is an Iraqi protection force that defends the existence and interests of Iraq's land and people. It is not permissible to endanger its existence by engaging it in the conflict of international regional strategies, and by making it pay the bill for the conflict of interests internally, regionally and internationally.

4-During the government of Dr. Haider al-Abadi, the Mobilization was institutionalized and its work was legalized that it is a fighting force committed to the state's systems and contexts. The aim is to preserve the Mobilization, ensure the legality of its work, preserve its rights and the rights of its affiliates, martyrs and their families, and ensure that it is not used for narrow political and partisan interests, and that the Mobilization remains a legal national fighting force, committed to the contexts of the state, and this is in line with the concept of the state, its structure and sovereignty, and preserves the Mobilization's presence and role. It is required to activate all the items of the mobilization Act, and to obligate everyone to its items.

5-The necessity of separating the Popular Mobilization Forces from those who want to work in their name and employ them for political, partisan or electoral interests, or those who work in their name to obtain gains and privileges, whether from persons, entities, or political entities.



Dr. Haider Al-Abadi requests a dialogue table to discuss this initiative, agree on its foundations, and then codify its outputs, to be binding on all parties, and to end the problems of this file in accordance with Iraqi national interests.




June 6, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: We condemn targeting the Peshmerga and call for strengthening the sovereignty of the state

Al Nasr Coalition condemns the attack on the Iraqi Peshmerga Forces, which led to the death of five Kurdish fighters and the wounding of two others, due to an ambush by armed elements in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

"Al Nasr Coalition" calls on the authorities of the center and the region for joint cooperation to preserve the unity, security, and stability of Iraq and its people of all nationalities and sects.

Al Nasr Coalition affirms that coexistence, just relations, and national solidarity are enough to enhance the interests, security, stability, and sovereignty of all Iraqis.




June 12, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: The Speicher massacre will remain a deep wound in the national and human conscience

We recall on June 12, 2014, that ISIS gangs and those who colluded with them carried out the largest massacre of hatred, brutality, and terrorism against thousands of defenseless Iraqi young men, and led them to slaughter in a scene of blood that is unparalleled in history.

As we stand in front of the memory, proud of our people’s ability to avenge the martyrs of Speicher and all the victims of terrorism and barbarism, we affirm that the Speicher massacre will remain a deep wound in the national and human conscience, and an eternal remembrance of what the weakness of the state may lead to in terms of disasters, sedition and massacres. It is also a lesson that giving in to hatred, sectarianism, and barbaric ideas will only reap death and devastation from which no one will be survived. It is also a pause in regard that the justice of God and the law require punishing the perpetrator, the accomplice, the negligent, and the failure who caused and are causing death, destruction, and disasters to the people.

Peoples go through the stages of their setbacks and disasters, but one of the signs of living peoples is that they learn a good lesson to prevent their tragedies from recurring. Our people must be aware that there is no way to stop the series of disasters without awareness, solidarity, and pact on order, coexistence and peace, and building a just state.




June 20, 2021


Abadi threatens to sue people who insulted and accused him to displacing them from a rented place

A link has spread on social media in which people present their own problem of being evicted from a place rented by landlords. They mentioned the name of Dr. Haider Al-Abadi with defamation, exposure, and false accusation, and they inserted his name falsely and deceptively, while he has nothing to do with the problem or the mentioned property.

We would like to inform the public and all concerned of the following:

1-We call on the judicial and governmental institutions to quickly and comprehensively investigate the allegations of the problem owners, to achieve the right, whether they have it or they are against it.

2-The office of Dr. Haider Al-Abadi will prosecute those who appeared in the video, on charges of insult, slander, defamation, and accusation, to take responsibility for their actions, or to apologize publicly, so it is not permissible to abuse freedom by slander and false accusations.

We only want justice for us and for others, and we do not accept lying, slander, and slur to be an interpersonal language.




June 20, 2021

To everyone who talks about austerity in the time of Dr. al-Abadi and does not know what austerity is and what austerity procedures are…

Did you know that austerity reduced the thefts of some parties and some politicians?

Did you know that austerity provided funds to fill the budget deficit, secure employees' salaries, and meet the needs of the battle with terrorism?

Did you know that the austerity you are talking about is reducing the salaries of parliamentarians and ministers and reducing the number of their protections?

Did you know that austerity is the abolition of some ministries whose budgets were explosive and did not provide any service to the citizen?

The suspension of appointments was due to the lack of funds in the budget, and everyone knows that we were in a battle with terrorism, and the needs of the battle must be secured.

As for the deduction of salaries from employees, it was decided by Parliament and not by Dr. Al-Abadi, and it was 3%, allocated by Parliament for the war effort and not for the government.




June 21, 2021

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Your Eminence and Honor, Mr. Ibrahim Raisi,

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

I would like to congratulate Your Excellency for choosing you the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and I wish you and the brotherly Iranian people all the progress and prosperity.

I hope that the Iraqi-Iranian relations under your rule will witness further development to serve the interests of our two countries based on the foundations of cooperation, common interests, respect for sovereignty, and the adoption of regional roles that enhance security, peace, and prosperity.

The peoples of the region today are in need of opening new horizons that multiply the chances of hope for a better tomorrow.

The responsibility of the region's leaders today is at stake, led by the political, economic, and societal transformations with a constructive positive policy.

Please accept my highest regards,




June 28, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: We condemn the American bombing and call for preserving Iraq's sovereignty

"Al Nasr Coalition" condemns the American bombing of the headquarters of the Popular Mobilization Forces inside Iraq, and considers it an unacceptable escalation and transgression. At the same time, it rejects any involvement of Iraq and its institutions in the conflict of international regional agendas, which endangers its security, interests, and the lives of its people.

"Al Nasr Coalition" calls for preserving Iraq's sovereignty and not entering the country into a conflict of agendas, in order to preserve the security and peace of Iraq and the region, and calls on everyone to assume their responsibilities to prevent the situation from slipping out of control.

We ask God Almighty to have mercy on the martyrs and a speedy recovery for the wounded.




June 28, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: We welcome the decisions of the Baghdad summit and call for balance

  Al Nasr Coalition welcomes the decisions of the Iraqi-Egyptian-Jordanian Baghdad summit, and calls for serious work to activate them, with emphasis on the need for Iraq not to engage in the policy of international regional axes, and to be a center of regional balance, and to make its national interests the basis of any international regional relations.




June 29, 2021

Al Nasr Coalition: We recall the establishment of the "Myth State" with pain and as a lesson

On this day "June 29, 2014" ISIS announced the establishment of its disastrous state in the lands it controlled in Iraq and Syria, and appointed a "caliph" for it.

It is the memory of the greatest catastrophe that befell us as a people and a state, and we have to remember it with pain and as a lesson so that history does not repeat its dark act. Terror has desecrated honor and land, killed thousands of lives, led to the displacement of millions, and caused a deep national wound.

States are not established and managed arbitrarily, and they have nothing but defeats and disasters if they leave good governance, responsible administration and national solidarity. The establishment of the "Myth State" on this day is only a result of the failure of the leadership of the state and the performance of the functions of governance and the humility of the ability to respond to the political, security, and economic challenges facing the state. The internal and external conspiracies would not have succeeded without the mismanagement, corruption, fragmentation of the decision, and conflicting agendas of the state forces.

Iraq has paid a lot to turn defeat into victory, and to crush the black newborn the "Myth State", it paid the dearest of souls, honors, and resources, and we must not allow the factors of defeat to be repeated.

In order to survive and develop, the state needs an honest, strong, and effective national government, responsible and patriotic state forces that serve the citizen, not themselves, and a societal solidarity that transcends strife, otherwise history will repeat itself.