Al Nasr Coalition: The state and its citizens are the fortress for all, and there is no fortress outside the law
Statements and Initiatives

Al Nasr Coalition: The state and its citizens are the fortress for all, and there is no fortress outside the law

Al Nasr Coalition affirms: Building the state is a solidarity responsibility, and everyone should shoulder their responsibilities in building the state according to its logic, requirements, and the interest of its citizens.

Al Nasr believes: That the stage is decisive, dangerous, and transformative, as for the state to march to order and sovereignty and achieve the people's demands, or to sigh on everyone's heads.


Al Nasr affirms: That transgression, bullying, and rebellion against the state is forbidden. Also discord, chaos, and dispossession is a disaster. Responsibility requires strengthening the state and adhering to its terms of reference, its system, and the interests of its citizens in order to preserve both the people and the state, as an appreciation and gratitude for the great sacrifices made by the brave fighters.


Al Nasr demands: Giving precedence to the state’s approach over non-state, whether through discourse or practice, and recourse to the democratic, peaceful, and solidarity approach by the people, political forces, volunteer heroes, and state institutions. The alternative to that is internal strife and foreign domination, and this is what the faithful reject.


Al Nasr affirms: That no one is above law and accountability. We must refer to the state, its logic, its rule, and the interests of our people. Otherwise, chaos will arise, and there is no one to benefit from it except the enemies.


Al Nasr renews: That free, fair, and secure elections is the only way to govern and exercise power, and that the legitimacy of the political system and the legitimacy of the exercise of government depend on the legitimacy of elections in practice and access to power.


Al Nasr affirms: That the homeland is the fortress for everyone, and there is no fortress outside the state. The state is not the property of anyone, whether a symbol or an entity, the state is the property of its people. The positions are not a privilege but a responsibility in front of God and towards the people and history.