The #Let_Me_Participate initiative
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The #Let_Me_Participate initiative

Al-Abadi launches the (Let me participate) initiative to support and protect the right to vote and be elected

The President of Al Nasr Coalition, Dr. Haider Al-Abadi, launched today: The National Campaign (Let me participate), to ensure the right of candidates and voters to participate in the upcoming elections without intimidation or imposing wills.


The "Head of the Alliance of National State Forces leadership," Dr. Al-Abadi demands, through this initiative, governmental institutions and political forces to ensure the right to fair, secure, and transparent electoral participation.


The "Let me participate" initiative launched by Dr. Al-Abadi is a national media campaign aimed at: protecting candidates and voters alike, ensuring broad popular participation in the elections, and to pressure on the relevant institutions and political forces together to provide a peaceful, secure, and viable electoral environment for the electoral participation of candidates and voters.


The (Let me participate) initiative is a media campaign on the diversity of visual, readable, written, and communicative media to implement the (Let me participate) programs, and through partnerships with activities with media institutions, websites, and civic youth organizations to expand the base of activities at different age and regional levels.


Al-Abadi sees that:

1-The legitimacy of the political system depends on the element of public participation and its confidence in the system and its authorities. Without effective participation, the system loses its legitimacy and the public adoption.


2-Elections is a lever for the legitimacy of the system, and not participating in it, strikes the system and its legitimacy to the core.


3-Providing a safe electoral environment for candidates and voters is the task of state institutions and political forces, and they must provide the conditions for the right to participate.


4-Reform and change is a necessity, and the safety of the state and the interests of the people require rationality and the efficiency of the political system, otherwise it will fail and fall, and chaos will be prevailed. What is required is the participation of the public and intensively to participate in public affairs issues, including elections.


5-The voting box is the womb of birth to the political authorities of the country, and failure to participate will result to powers lacking legitimacy or partisan utility and quotas, it does not renew the blood of the authorities with forces, elites, and new policies.


6-There is no alternative to elections but coups and chaos, and living peoples do not accept that. The integrity and soundness of democracy depends on the elements of participation, accountability, willpower, and public opinion in the making of events and changes.


7-Electoral security is a condition for broad participation to the public, and the intimidation and liquidation operations of candidates and activists will negatively affect the regime, its forces, and the general community and national security, and it is a sin that everyone will pay for if it will not be deterred and stopped.


8-The 2018 elections and the low participation it witnessed is what created a failed ruling equation that led to intimidation and failure, and it is not in anyone's interest to reproduce this experience.


9-Boycotting the elections is in the interest of the de-facto powers, and does not change anything. Rather, it will perpetuate quotas, corruption, and dependence on the will, and reinforce the fragmentation and failure of the system and the state. The best response to reforming the reality is the effective and wide participation in the elections to ensure that the equations of quotas, hegemony, and conciliatory conflict between the forces that benefit from power are broken.


10-(Let me participate) means: let me exercise my constitutional and human right, let me activate my will to choose the best, do not block my choice, the homeland is for all. If I lose my participation as a citizen, you will not enjoy the legitimacy of the authority as a ruler, your legitimacy to rule is derived from my vote, so let me vote. Compete with honor, you will rule well, to remove me with a voting paper is better for your legitimacy than to remove me with a shot. Building and demolishing the state is a joint responsibility, so let us be responsible.